The clean slate of creation
The Clean Slate Of Creation

Never Forget Never Quit, A One World View Will Save Me And You

Welcome my peoples I am your Sandymancan, your poet with a plan
when it all hits the fan. In this Blog we will share life’s reactions as it
happens. We will shelter together when the storms changes the weather, then dance in the sun light watching our children’s eyes shine bright.

Here you will find motivation that feeds your inspiration, I believe in the sharing of information that promotes integration. Our world is in need of change, I have travel it and witness the pain. Our leaders have a different agenda, stand with me we will never surrender. Love, peace and with all blessing on to you, a one world family, that means me and you.


What’s up my peoples, I make this dictation to you, in this house I seek only to uplift and inspire you. Yes! we are a community with different points of views, yet we can live, cry and die as a united crew.

Bridges Build Connections

Here we build bridges, the connections of life we the people undivided by the arbitrary order behind a particular Country’s border. In each Country their are the power that be, who’s only objective is to divide you and me.

They preach the strong over or the weak, they seek the rich conquering the meek, they will tell you I wish to do you harm. Then they build the weapons, while denying its aggression, hidden within their lie only you and I will die.

But we are now in this digital age, we each no longer need to be afraid. Let us talk with each other, let us live with each other, for when the missiles fly, everybody will die.

Even in the shadows their is light

In your moment of pain when life leave its stains, embrace your family and friends, your always welcome come right on in. For we will share what can not be denied, dignity the need for love and human pride.

We truly are the world, peace is as gentle as the breast of the dove, Let no evil divide the loveĀ 

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