Sandymancan Welcome My Friend

This blog is about the celebrations of life! to unburden oneself from the artificial boundaries we set upon ourselves, the lies of conformity and the vile promise of comfort born from regularity. The suckling of vital juices that is virility, leaving nothing else but a drying husk from a life dying in docility.

We are allowing the world to fast forward right past us right before our own eyes, as we grin out next week in this life draining routine of work, errands, shopping and the mundane weekend diversions of predictability.
We will through a series of Stories, Quotes, Poems, Pictures, Videos and Travel reignite the fires of adventure that once burned in the eyes of a child making their first steps.

We will together again feel the fluttering thunder that wouldn’t let young girls rest! after her first kiss, then know the fearlessness in a man’s heart who’s met the love he can’t resist! it’s bliss.

My Name is Cornell Sandifer, a father and friend who grew up in Los Angeles California, I’m a retired Peace Officer from California’s Prison System, a 28 year journey of pain death! and redemption. I soon will embark on an extended journey of travel to shake off my own shackles and you are welcome to join me in reawakening the thrill of life.

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