The Poor Ask Why, Dow Jones’s All Time High

While the Dow Jones is soaring high in the shy
too many spent their last dollar just getting high
The Liberals will always pitch! we will tax the rich
yet the rich will pass it along in a bait and switch

The babies cry before they die, the mothers ask why
the bankers shy! counting profits will say let them die
Frustrations fevers pitch, this system we should ditch
while the Ponzi Schemes claim you still can get rich

Inflation will eat to the bone, you’ll find no safety zone
the Verizon bill is due, will you pay you don’t have a cue
The grocery stores call for more dollars while you holler
while two jobs are still not enough so why do you bother

Now we cuss and fight, the gun shots through out the night
the YouTube video’s I’ve seen, show people mad and mean
In a nation where no body cares, we will be left with our fears
corruption has over taken us all, it’s a darkness before the fall

“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, leveraged buy outs and the debt it brings, optioned derivatives! when shorting IPO’s is relative and just before the mighty fall, the demand of the margin call”

Your Mind Set

Your life will reflect the ideas you select

the true meaning of cause and effect the last time I’ve checked

still fools will reject with a lack of respect

manifesting their own regret and unable to detect

the neglect you would expect, from that negative affect.

The Value In Life

What Do You Value

When you think of what you value in life
some don’t know others don’t think twice.
Can you feel the clam in a gentle breeze or
our you to burden with your unfulfilled need.

The cool kiss of clean water that never comes
to mind, the warmth of the sun when your just
wasting time. The song of the birds living in the
trees, the things you miss when your pain persist.

Just what do you see when seeing no path a head
will you ever say your sprite is dead, living a life that
remains unfed. For some it’s a losing game, others
will surrender in shame, still all live will end the same

We Are Being Played Against Each Other

Hedge-Funds Win In The End

Lets look at the Wall Street Game Stop manipulations
the ruling class naked attempt to maintain domination.
Robinhood cut the little guy off, hedge-funds cried they
were stopping their planed rip off, it’s why we got tossed.

The White House cried foul only the rich making money
is allowed. Regulators then compared the little guy to the
Washington Rioters, why is that because their equitable lairs
so the media will spring into action it’s their racist distraction.

They play one group against another hoping you miss the
coming plunder. Then the social media cut off to keep us
down at all cost. Remember Biden’s call $2000 checks go
out the day after the vote, one more time we all got soaked.

Their mainstay is always Black against White that’s why we
fight but game stop showed when we come together they
feel our might. Watch the news as they return to their divide
conquer, the only way you control a population forever after.

The Morning Call

Love Is A Fight Sometimes It Bites

What do you tell yourself when the morning calls
when your still stuck in last night’s fog, life chasing
you like that junk yard dog. When your money stays
oh so tight and you run out of fight, got no more bite.

So who do you blame, when your life gets mundane
with the collection of fools that you know, where do
you go. Now dejected when not distracted yet before
feeling disrespected, comes strain of being rejected.

Man up the crowd will say, it’s the devil in the details
that get the way. Your women! can’t barely deal with
her own attitude, and your empty pockets won’t inspire
much gratitude, or buy the soon needed grocery food.

Though young and reckless yet resolute, when responsive
and resourceful who can dispute, life still gets in the way
at times its just a shit day, and if your women goes away
that’s just less you’ll pay, hell you didn’t have it anyway.

The Over 50 Crowd

The over 50 crowd I think we need to consult
in the U.S we now seem to be the only adults.
I’ll say it myself you can’t count the politicians
their children at best, you see the odious miss.

Common courtesy now seems to be a thing of the
past, people so disgruntled they speak with a lash
It’s me first or me too! as women come out barely
dress, the boys look like the picture after the arrest.

When did good morning, yes sir, and thank you please
turn into this terrible disease, wont cover their sneeze.
People walk and talk like you owed then something and
want it now, everybody else is in the way, on a good day.

As a over 50 crowd I too have a bone to chew, who in
the hell they think pays the bills while the fools run loose
I don’t agree with child abuse, but I’m not above knocking
a tooth lose before putting a foot to young man’s caboose.

Image by Peter Ziegler from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The World We Live In


After those rioters in DC, Congress is on a Trump spree
President Biden executive orders are running amok.
The GOP senate is out of luck, Covid-19 is still killing
which sucks, $4b for Central America in taxpayer bucks.

Indonesia has seized Iranian and Panamanian tankers,
Chinese Jets in Taiwan’s air space as China gets franker.
Larry King has died at 87, while Demarcates are unhinged
with their Trump obsession, lets us time out with aggression.

Remember! we have homeless and hungry all over the world
but a drug Asian crime boss was just arrested in Amsterdam.
Australia is all excited! after the extradition he will be indicted,
19 burned bodies near Mexico-US border, a world out of order.

The US Federal income tax is fast on the way, Yahoo think its
important you know Cari B worn a see through dress today.
A new King Kong vs Godzilla movie just what we need, while the
world burns as it turns, as you cry before you die, never knowing

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Image by Bela Geletneky from Pixabay

My Eviction Prediction


Are you ready for this rancorous situation, oppressive the politicians lie in preparation, having zero-tolerance for meaningful cooperation. The current homelessness expectations, have been deflated by this contemptible act of victimization, trash piling up from accumulation.

When walking down the street, the sidewalk tents where the homeless sleep, when civil charm becomes a three bell alarm, fires burn empty stomach yearn. What is the solution, landlords feel scapegoated in this confusion, before stating the harsh reality, it’s not my responsibility.

The crowds clamor for some rent cancellations, that’s not in the property owner’s calculations, while Congress stay mired in its own hesitations, campaign contribution is part of the institution, maintaining the wealth’s equalization. History has shown a population feeling wronged

This structure wont last long, it’s an old familiar song, You will have to use the gun or jobs to keep the population from coming UN-done. This has played out all through time and across the land, the people won’t starve sitting on their hands, hear my words and understand, now is time to make a plan.

Let The Bull Run

Is the stock market ready to go on another tear,
this weeks Fed meeting will share, some say beware.
With stimulus packages being thrown around, you
got inflation sneaking around in the background.

With all the fat cat running to feed from the trough
working poor getting stampeded are left to dust off.
It seems its the same all over the world, the have nots
always in peril, left with nuts to fight with the squirrels.

The Tech Giants with the Biden win, info domination so
let the pay days begin. The oil stocks were shakier then
a hooker’s blush, with the death of US fracking get ready
for the oil price gush, soon to be to poor to ride the bus.

Is it me or what do you think, I just go by Wall Streets pass
and they keep marching in sync. The Washington swamp
is refilling fast, last time in California it was 5 dollar gas, the
homeless in L.A. double again, why can’t we all just be friends.

A Life Of Trash And Ash

The circle of life, as we sift through our piles of trash,
while the green house gases rise above steaming ash.
Our future lets discuss, 3 mile island scare didn’t teach us
change our point of view, or die in the poison stew we brew.

We live a wasteful life, proceeding on never thinking twice,
discarded goods of yesterday, following the new on the way.
Stacking it up on credit cards, living hand to mouth is to hard,
but social media will put you down, out of style wearing a frown.

Your iPhone just a year old, another grand for the new color gold, well if misfortune comes today, homelessness may be on the way. I look at the young and old, then wonder what the future will unfold, our we just in a this crazy faze or is this beginning of the end of days.

Let Me Live With You

” Oh clean waters beneath blue sky
when will man and nature see eye to eye,
while the poor animals struggle and die,
even the simplest fool must ask why”

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