I Had Thought! On Second Thought

The future is dark deception shines its light Life! unsure of what it’s really all about while it promotes self-doubt. Shaken by the saturation of the social media craze, the numbing of the mind by this momentary faze.

Death and destruction when perverts care for nothing, descending depression with the blues, every time you watch the news. The mass stabbing over there, multiple mass shootings everywhere, damn if the devil may care.

Shall I lie to ease your pain, like tricking suckers looking for gains, when the BS all sounds the same, we are drowning in a losing game.

Think of it as walking knee deep in wet mud, using fifty grain sandpaper with your massage rub, maybe I’ll just go get drunk at my local pub, hell just who am I to judge.

The Birds of Prey

Shall We Stand Tall or Fall

“The why behind the lie carries the same burden of the tear in the cry, for life yields to cause and effect, a payment will be demanded for negligence and neglect”  

Heed this Tip You Will Be Tripped

Fear not the turbulence when the ill wind’s blow, It categorizes the chronological will in life’s ebb and flow. 

Within these woeful accounts willful hearts will confirm all doubts, despite the naked truths being volleyed about.

The serpent’s kiss you’ll never hear a hissing tongue that concedes to none, will even bite for fun.

You’ll feel that sting of the pinching claw, the crab people pulling you back if you want more. 

In this wreckage of waste I anticipate the rejection of my case when haters lack grace, tripping the zebra when the cheetah chase. 

Toxic Brew From The Corporate Crew

Building Trash

Will the world not hear the naked cries from the wicket lies to preserve our gains.

These weary stains cast upon the winds of change, the battle remains the same but who’s to blame.

Deny the fruitless hearts testing the mettle of mortal men the bitter grind before the folk lord chimes, reason no longer rhymes in these difficult times.

Unwilling to concede the collective will no longer believes still we are waiting to be relieved from the inner thieves.

While the vile lust of greed takes hold, hungry children in the cold, this story has been told but it’s no match for the shine in gold.

The House of Blues

“Greed for the dreams that money can’t buy, a fool who lose never ask why, coming unglued in grief to sing a sad song, kicking and scratching after it’s gone, point a finger at those who have done wrong, in denial about how they played along, scream and cry someone must pay, still remaining broke at the end of the day.”

The Call of Summer Nights

The Ture Passion of Life

“Powering spirits towering high, falling tears ask not why, bold triumphs still we die, the call of the angels when we cry, ripped and torn blood-stained sands, such beauty in a dream they won’t understand”

Rising Sun, Raging Sea, The Demons In Me

The Empty Well The Truth Tells

The burn of the rising sun, the conquered blood flowing free

with the beating drums of death singing before the raging sea.

A cool sting of mist diminish the warmth before the coming light 

screams my demons wont miss this terror that’s coming tonight.

The steam of rage provoked because of the lies from the lips of fools

tears in a mother’s eyes explaining to her hungry child there is no food. 

Who will hear the call before the pending fall of those enslaved not freed

the cruel hearts born of wicked minds watching chanting let them bleed. 

Whipping wind whispering in the background before the call for men to heel

oh vengeance is mine say the lord still not sure of who’s blood will be spilled.

Under its Spell the Credit Cartel

Wants and Needs

The ties that bind define your life in time,
becoming a slave to your whims, possibly
your future you will be condemned.

Mix and match want and needs, far too
willing to do imprudent deeds, wanting
over ruling tomorrow’s needs, choking weeds.

Taking out loans against the value in your car, the
payday loans don’t take you very far, your emotions
begin to swell, you’ve been tarred and feathered by
the credit cartel.

Every day becomes a struggle, your sleepless nights
worrying about next stumble, life has become surreal
You’ve been trapped in the hamster wheel.

The end of the month is still not here, the refrigerator is
empty cabinets are clear. You have little faces with
hungry eyes, this American dream somebody has lied.

“Things that shine to our last dime, what you need in the stores you won’t find

empty hearts and worried minds, wasting life and losing time, what you buy can’t

fulfill, indebtedness is such a bitter pill”

Death Bed Confession

Heart Broken at the End

Peering into darkness unable to see your light,
The warmth of humanity no longer shines bright.
Your fears mixed with tears still running its course,
Why love is subdued by this unconquerable force.

Victims in the mind your past marches who hears the
beat, on your death bed in your prime now feeling the

Tears can’t wash away a life of deceit, when your death
becomes atonement! the payment karma will seek, no
pity for the dying weak.

Living life, you gave to none, still while taking from some,
caring only for that almighty dollar! but you didn’t make it
that much farther.

Now nothing to gain that stinging pain, was it all in vain!
your useless games, what remains is loneliness and disdain,
from a life you lived in shame.

“The call of the whispers in your head, on your death bed with your

dread, you chose the life that’s coming to an end, the time has

come to pay for your sins”

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