The Darkness in Thee

A man not in step with himself from within, the riptides of failure will pull him in,the call of reason he will not reach, entangled emotions living life beseech-ed. Having wants is not a sin, when willing to give the love begins, a close hand carriesno weight, love denied is not the twist of fate.Continue reading “The Darkness in Thee”

Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat

Can you hear the signature shrills of the sacrificed those pronounce squeals in their last moments of stifle. A repertoire of repetitive pleadings resonating in chills my indifferent to proclamations of innocence when I kill   Rubbish rouse of rhetoric smacks of self-serving squawk a predator I must stalk, my taste for blood I neverContinue reading “Death Repeats Predator Seeking Meat”

Your Pound Of Fresh, May You Not Rest

Haunted by the demoralizing deprivation, this dehumanization burying the brutality in buying branded bodies, this irrationality. Upon cold hearts a serpent’s tongue, misery’s mayhem bar none, loathing lure of lucrative leverage, global money links now savage. Who are these people who pay for their pound of filth with fresh, blind-eye turn! bloodshed beatings bankrolled byContinue reading “Your Pound Of Fresh, May You Not Rest”

The Blood In Your Veins She Retains

The myth and its mastery, mesmerizing moods brood in the maiden’s memory. Doomed origins this oracle obsessed by prophecies, a blood-stained princess recounting those atrocities. This secret scourge scours, rage! it’s ritual ransom, dismayed death! is it’s anthem? The squalor’s vow to those village vapors, sorrows foretold the stories of why the vampires eat here UnrealContinue reading “The Blood In Your Veins She Retains”

The UN Spoken Pack In an Anxiety Attack

For those who will not know oh volatile shaking of the inner core, this fearing of the UN named, the tear stains from crying in vain. swollen eyes bear witness to weary hearts being left in the dark, those blaring trumpets of dread will spread, it’s how terror is fed. ​Glib is the UN graciousContinue reading “The UN Spoken Pack In an Anxiety Attack”

Not Your Problem! You Say!

This will be a cautionary tale that I will endeavor to dispel, accuracy! cause and effect, the psychosis from childhood neglect. This race for such a random rationale for reason I can’t compile, the difficulty wouldn’t be determining disturbance to what degree, the details! of a living hell. Ideas influenced by investigation’s participation, the quality in those queriesContinue reading “Not Your Problem! You Say!”

International Travel Were Reason Can Unravel

In this week my lack of posting while learning a lesson that needed this posting, international traveling can be compelling the pit fall are plenty beware be willing. Wow! the last three days could only be described as a the nightmare within a traveling hell, it all started on Friday the 26th of Dec withContinue reading “International Travel Were Reason Can Unravel”

Christmas Joy Add Death! And More

Let Christmas sing! the north star of David shining it’s light on a malicious scene, the cast iron hearts of men, a beacon for the devil’s hatred that’s now leaching in. As the world watch the horror of black immigrants in Libya cream oh Silent Night. the callous hearts of men bucking the head windsContinue reading “Christmas Joy Add Death! And More”