International Travel Were Reason Can Unravel

In this week my lack of posting while learning a lesson that needed this posting, international traveling can be compelling the pit fall are plenty beware be willing.

Wow! the last three days could only be described as a the nightmare within a traveling hell, it all started on Friday the 26th of Dec with a denial of entry from Malaysia’s Immigration. I was returning from Thailand to restart my 90 day period of stay in Malaysia, I was informed I had over stayed one day, I would be denied reentry and would have to return to Thailand.

The problem! the next fight back to Thailand would be 1.00 pm Sunday the 31st of Dec and so I would be living in Malaysia’s airport from Friday the 29th to Sun the 31st. Upon landing in Thailand on the 31st I was told because Malaysia had denied me reentry Thailand was denying me also and that I would have to return to my country (The United States ). I again would have live in an airport until they could arrange a fight back to my country that I would have to pay for, the airport I was in was not an international one so no fights could be arranged  from there I need to fly to the international airport further into Thailand which they were refusing.

After two-hour of immigration people contradicting each other as to how I could accomplish this feat, I got on my i phone thank god for technology to get out of this third world nightmare, I found that I could fly to Singapore pick up a fight that went to Japan then onto Los Angeles. I informed Immigration I could accomplish what they wanted but they would have give me entry into Thailand (stamp my passport in order for me to gain entry into Singapore)

It took them about an hour looking at each other in confusion before they called somebody who made sense of what I was trying to do and allowed me to book the fight. I was off to Singapore on the 1st of Jan,  then onto Japan to wait on the fight to Los Angeles. On the 2nd of Jan from Los Angeles I flew to Chicago then onto North Carolina ending this Odyssey of terror all because I missed counted and stay one day too many in Malaysia.



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I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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