Not Your Problem! You Say!

This will be a cautionary tale that I will endeavor to dispel, accuracy! cause and effect, the psychosis from childhood neglect. This race for such a random rationale for reason I can’t compile, the difficulty wouldn’t be determining disturbance to what degree, the details! of a living hell.
Ideas influenced by investigation’s participation, the quality in those queries are hallucinations. The clinical clues of confusion, the case file histories coming to the wrong conclusions, the process in their illusions.
Can you actually measure a child’s mental memories of misery! your adolescence theory, unconsciously a child’s psyche in reformation that devastation. A mental defect born from neglect! designed to protect! what in the hell did they expect?
This dependency is traumatic and crud when in an adult it’s rude then feuds, with a gun in his hand on your schoolyard he stands, I think you know how this ends!

Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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