Darkness Conceals the Mental ill

Voices whispering to me, flashing lights images I can’t see, time ran out for mewhen hearing the rickety cracks and squeaks down the hall, my darkness falls.Anxiety! when sleeping becomes a strain, my antidepressant imbalanced brainwhile rocking in the dark feeling that chill to my shin, outside the whistling wind. In my mind! I findContinue reading “Darkness Conceals the Mental ill”

Another Pill

You can see the affects of space and time, the depth of the chasm between calm and despair, I’m Bi-polar beware. That daily friction in the cycle of distress, then add the medications I do detest, in this darkness my anxiety breeds hesitation, giving birth to bizarre manifestations. Sadly I suffer through the mindless diagnosticContinue reading “Another Pill”


Standing among the multitude passing by, that blank stair on your face,their indifference passing in hast. This shroud of darkness the mind failsto comprehend, the state of the depression,your currently in. You past through the mood swings between light and shadow you hear the whispers,words unspoken, wondering in the wilderness believing your broken.Failing to makeContinue reading “Alone”