Darkness Conceals the Mental ill

Images they can’t see, voices come to me

Voices whispering to me, flashing lights images I can’t see, time ran out for me
when hearing the rickety cracks and squeaks down the hall, my darkness falls.
Anxiety! when sleeping becomes a strain, my antidepressant imbalanced brain
while rocking in the dark feeling that chill to my shin, outside the whistling wind.

In my mind! I find no peace, my lonely daily drug lows only seem to increase
living life within a glass jar, maybe the carbon dioxide that comes from my car.
I have long lost the tenderness of a loving touch, they said my mental illness
was far too much, bizarre behavior with chemical complication! an explanation.

Failing family expectations! predictable hormonal dysfunction with hospitalization
suffering! symptoms of stress my UN-stabilized situation, any recommendations.
Therapist treatments for a recovering solution! these fools clearly haven’t seen my twisted illusions, obsessive routines tonight death! before the nightmarish dreams.

Discretion! Deceit! Desperation! Discreet!

The Deed is Done the Damage Lives On

When critics articulate your cessations, compromised considerations
disregard and deceit, when their desperate desires no longer discreet.
Bold belligerent! denouncing benevolence, such suffering is eloquent
a word to the wise before watchful warning of woe to the UN-worthy

Vision vexing viewpoints of the veracious, when the petty is vile and ungracious. In weary and wasteful wishes, the desperate drowning becomes suspicious. Money, power we seek! add sexual depravities deceit, unchanging expression power demand discretion or deception.

A child they seek weak are sheep, monster dreams as he sleeps, when drinkers! hit and run, blood stains never undone just one more for fun.
Four corner stones of hell, if you fall under dirty D’s spells. Discretion’s payments to Deceit, wicked deeds of Desperation paid for Discreet.

Natural Beauty is Nature’s Duty

The Beauty of Life or Death and Vise

The calming effects of natural beauty, the collective respect for nature’s duty, the itinerary of isolation allowing the uploading of enthusiastic observations. This mist clinging among the leafy greens, flickering lights dancing upon a tranquil stream, fire flies shine late in the day such tranquility is nature’s way.

The fertile fumbling frogs forge in the foliage, the gusty winds blowing fog, this pristine productive planet from God! preservation and protection or deflection. The buzzing bees will casually sting! such is the beauty in the butterfly’s wings, snow on the horizon ready to fall, to the majestic magnificence of the waterfall.

The migratory birds sore while they sing, the uplifting currents of wind on wings, lush grass sipping the morning dew! then turning toward the sun in time on queue. Strange how the wasteful will engage in the lack of hope, can our environment’s buoyancy keep it afloat, judicious judgments in adjudications! I have my reservations.   

Empty Spaces in Time

The Borders of Disorder

The empty spaces in the mind, pulling and tugging those demons are mine, the cold drab colors that ingrain ill to be, who’s in control of the dominion I don’t see. My heart skips a beat when frozen still by that chill darkness conceals what is real, hearing the cries of black crows, feeling the death of my will as it ebbs and flows.

No longer a reason to be, the clear path I no longer see with nothing left for me, the clunk of my own miss footsteps, the blackness of the asphalt that’s slick and wet. The white lines giving directions to my disorder, when madness patrols life’s borders, those shadows are not mine, this body they won’t find! within the empty spaces in time.

The Hardships In Life

The Best Mixed With The Rest

“The spirit in a tender moment, your sweet memories allow you own it, when life interjects that stress from duress! in those moments it’s just a text, keeping you appreciating the best! mixed in with all the rest”  

Your Character Will Register

The charms in charisma can be persuasive
discerning is when honesty is evasive.
The privileged are bold when decisive
then innovative when not divisive.

The gutsy are productive
goal’s complaint consistency is constructive.
The industrious will balance inclinations,
while remaining objective with expectations.

The informed are insightful and conciliatory
observing one’s obligations that’s mandatory
If punctual you can be prolific,
poised when patient while enthusiastic.

Viable if ethical when equitable, each is just fine
notable if knowledgeable reliable! the win is mine

Behold The Evil In A Child Unfolds

The Devil Be Dammed

You could feel the night’s sting, that chill in the air,
a growing awe in this coming darkness was not clear.
An innocent child slapped on the backside to be born
evil surprise the cruelty in a child’s eyes burned scorn.

Like the rosebuds blooming from a protected seed
the flower’s slow death from the spreading of the weeds
A mother’s fear a father left pondering what will he do
feeling cursed by heaven, half pass eleven having no cue.

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