Negative Whispers Fear! The Way No Longer Clear

I Was Pulling for You I’m Sorry You Didn’t Win

“Industrious inclinations conceive infectious inspirations, before enthusiastic expectations turn into exhilarating revelations, remember! negativity is looking for ear, those whispering’s born of fear, those so willing to pass them along, will smile the most when your dreams are gone”    


The War in Time Victory is Mine

Imaginative Minds Breaching Space and Time

“Never refuse to look within then engage any fear to win, focusing in on your true intentions, while failure is never mentioned, seizes! your goals by the throat! it’s appropriate in all out revolt”

Who’s Watching the Human Trafficking


        “Tears of sorrow! nightmares of tomorrow will follow, woes before wishes

 after acts of the vicious, inflicting pain! sexually deranged, to all who would 

silence that scene, the innocent shall rise! in your dreams”    

The world’s bird’s eye view still stumbling blind eyed without a cue
apprehension is no excuse, the demoralizing depravity in the abuse.
Multidimensional its manipulation, international illegal immigration
transactions need identification, oh suffering nightmarish revelations.

Its worldwide despair does anyone really care, when bodies become
commodities lucrative profit changes the topic, when the prosecution
become confusion, the well-connected is selected then protected.
As punishment is neglected, the rich have means even a would-be king.

Mayhem begets murder some situations calls for assassination dressed
up like self-termination, the powerful need no justification. When hiding
perversions using any diversion, ruthless determination saving reputation
from deterioration, sex slave staggering victimization, secret deprivations.

The Hummingbird’s Wings Sing

Beating Hummingbird’s wings flutter! these forest feathered feeding
songbirds hover, hurriedly building a nest before becoming a mother.
Furious flapping fluff fighting for that flower, it’s dainty alluring darting
power, their pint size often ruby reddish! with such a sugary fetish.

Dangling before the dips that agility in the dive, frenzy fighting and
feeding will be quick! first to the Honeysuckle’s nectar is the trick.
A small southwestern species explosive zigzagging displays, skittish
speeding deep-throat-ed sugar-water suckers just having their way.

These tiny tongued territorial type, swift swooping but unable to bite,
always in flight and ready to fight. The Western Hemisphere’s vibrant
varieties identifiable by the inch! said the Zoologist who didn’t flinch,
get a feeder singing even sweeter, hear the tone? hummingbird’s song

Image by Eldergeek from Pixabay

Power in The Flower

Power in the flower yet sadness in time some beauty begins to sour
Still each flower has a story it tells, a meaning with an emotion as well.
It comes without incidence the Baby Breath flower equals a pure heart
its innocence, I say this not in haste a Geranium is stupidity with grace.

The Calla lily is beauty with panache plus contentment but I must tell you
more, Jasmine is elegance plus jealousy and joy. Lilac is luxury and youth!
the emotions of your first love, it’s mental beauty with loveliness above all.
Daffodils are respectful! Ivy’s constancy fidelity! Poppy is sleep and rarity.

Daisy! the sharing of friends in purity, it’s innocence plus simplicity now add
deceit! The Daisy is unique, The Lilac (blue) yes there are two equal kindliness.
Lily’s majesty with truth and honor, I have proof a Sunflower has loyalty
and truth, Peony’s bashfulness, Yarrow’s comfort, you’ll see Clematis ingenuity.

Carnation’s fascinations fame with faithfulness its fidelity has forgetfulness
the Mint’s warm feelings of modesty. Gardenias such purity and joy meeting
Honeysuckle’s devoted affection, Hydrangea’s comforting understanding.
Breast of the white dove the Orchid’s beauty and refinement is the perfect love

Violet’s humility a wedded love, scented Geranium is comfort decreasing the
love, Tulip’s charity! adoration and passion, Chrysanthemum’s cheerfulness
when bad things happen, Columbines stay forever true, the Red Rose said I
love you, Freesia is innocence and generous, Anemone’s clarity is its sincerity

A Life of Haste and Waste

Opportunity Won’t Knock on Your Door

That barren anguish mixing with the rubbish in your life
broken dreams when your distortions become extreme.
When the egotistical are euphoric, then wisdom tells us
just to ignore it, still the foolishness of fools exploring it.

Those addicted will not be empathetic if they are artistic
usually, antagonistic! the simple minded and unrealistic.
Such madness in the weary mind, the missteps in time
manifesting the depth of dread, the life of the living dead

Those who care not for the cost, their fear and pride is lost
the pledges before the lies in the tales before the fool fails.
My proof! in your deeds the Rose can’t feed for the weeds
unwilling minds plead then concede while the body bleeds

Buzzing flies among the maggots before rancid rotting flesh
terror in your eyes the life you despised living lacking a quest.
The life that’s left when the husk is laid to rest, then who’s to
cry and why? if one fails every test never once giving their best.

Still No Answer for Cancer

It’s pass time for this discussion, those disastrous! repercussions
death inside killing us worldwide, 15 years since my mother died.
There’s a cause and effect, expect neglect to bring regret, it’s time
for all hands-on deck, consultation after detection next depression.

The desperate search for answers! to that dreaded Cancer! confusion
with disappear complications with explanations, focus fright from the
jolt that intense fatigue trying to cope, unsure of the problem’s scope.
So! an ex-ray before Cat Scans no misconceptions in this fighting plan.

Checking the bowels to the breast the first of your thousand blood text
we must do your Cervix biopsy; I rather endure an old fashion lobotomy.
It’s antigens or carcinogens, oh hurtful helplessness of family and friends
insecticide food to genetically engineered seed feeding corporate greed.

Radiation for your pancreas only God! knows if you can stand up to this
spreading to the prostate hoping the recommendation is not resignation.
Trace of the tobacco tumor test, the vital trials in treatment’s technology
in transition, positive practice less pollution more deaths before a solution!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Was God Conceived Do You Believe

Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Candles will burn before absolution, atonement unconcerned by communities
communions, Evangelical choir’s chorus in the pews a crescendo of remorse.
A bishop bows before blessing the born-again, bliss in the bells before the
Benediction begins, doubts confirmation! deceived or relieved do you believe.

Connections with congregations before the confessions within denominations
Justice! Jesus’ judgment or resentment! ritual rites without your commitment.
Harmony the hymns the hopeful goes forth with destiny and faith or a case of
a growing guidance of guilt lacking gratitude and grace, choose! at your pace.

A glut of good news gentile glory of the gospel, your holistic views concerning
faith which are inflammatory and hostile. The father favors forgiveness that’s
fundamental, a nonbeliever’s perpetual atheistic manifestation is incidental
Patron saint promise prosperity, Devil’s demons await punishing with severity.

All Wrong No Right Drunk Again Tonight

Compulsion confusion with alcohol induced illusions, fermenting
a liver in toxic waste, distilling your kidneys at an incredible pace.
The stench of stink follows you around, the misstep then stumbles
before finding the ground, vapors of vomit you’re an alcoholic clown.

A combination of excuse your drunken disorderly excessive abuse
forgetful flavors of failed friend and fellowships, unsociable misfit.
Usually, the paddy wagon after the physician you’re a present day
case for another proposition, justifying the reinstating of prohibition.

Sick when sober sobriety is over, mind-altering modifications results
of methadone use have ramifications, your drug drinking and driving
depression no legal or justice for this risky violation, out and about all
over town, in the middle of that crosswalk you mowed an old lady down!

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Darkness Conceals the Mental ill

Images they can’t see, voices come to me

Voices whispering to me, flashing lights images I can’t see, time ran out for me
when hearing the rickety cracks and squeaks down the hall, my darkness falls.
Anxiety! when sleeping becomes a strain, my antidepressant imbalanced brain
while rocking in the dark feeling that chill to my shin, outside the whistling wind.

In my mind! I find no peace, my lonely daily drug lows only seem to increase
living life within a glass jar, maybe the carbon dioxide that comes from my car.
I have long lost the tenderness of a loving touch, they said my mental illness
was far too much, bizarre behavior with chemical complication! an explanation.

Failing family expectations! predictable hormonal dysfunction with hospitalization
suffering! symptoms of stress my UN-stabilized situation, any recommendations.
Therapist treatments for a recovering solution! these fools clearly haven’t seen my twisted illusions, obsessive routines tonight death! before the nightmarish dreams.

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