Wisdom’s Way Or The Cost You Pay

The brain in a lightbulb wisdom and ideas as one
The ways of wisdom

Beware! of the should’ a would’ a could’ a or you will be standing in the land of quicksand learning the ways of (not)

“if you do but should not, before you would but did not, though you could but will not, now that you didn’t so why not “


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Covid-19 The Pain Continues To Gain

I do believe we need to talk, no point in looking to fault
desperately fighting this pestilent that’s in our mist,
in it’s new mutation lays a deadly kiss.

Germany has just called for another lock down, now in
London it to dangerous just getting across town. I just
recently returned for the Philippines, were working people
are dealing with the extremes.

Italy, Spain and Brussels are in a Covid-19 tangle and tussle
we all have had to many friends and family feel the sting of
pain, while the death toll continues to gain.

California has just made a ugly call, if emergency personal
don’t think you’ll make it to let you fall. Please stay in your
home as much as you can, people got to eat so I understand.

To my world family lets pray for us all, hoping this shadow
of death will dissolve, may you remain safe while we all see
this though, I send my love God bless you.

Haiku Poem #7C

The blooms power by light
I walk by faith not by sight
What nourishes brings delight

“When you live for what really matters, most things that tatter then shatter, don’t alter the treasurers of life, when you can distinguish between value and price.”    

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When The Jealousy Burns

The Pain
The Burn

When you go to bed at night just before you turn off the light
did the sadness ring your alarm, oh mistrustful anxious harm.
The mind is deviously obedient, conspicuously those ingredient
now conjuring monsters at will, then watching the conflict spill

With a harden heart before the hostile splash, your relationship
timber being render to ash, the debris of harmony’s head on crash.
The gloom after the glib turns grouchy, now disdain when dishonesty
turns sloppy, I don’t understand why so many continue to copy.

Am I being problematic, being discreet will you become distracted
when the fuss provokes the fight, the volatility turns love into blight.
Now the sweet turn sour, because those tears begin to over power
laying sleepless in the midnight hour, love was not allowed to follower

Haiku Poem #6A

Fear Will Push You Ahead Or Hold You Back

That lighting storm ahead
No plans a future now dead
Before you lays dread

No Particular Place To Go

“When you don’t plan the way ahead, you drift in the breeze instead, does it matter which way you go, when you will never receive any more.”   

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A New Year, Same Old Shit

2021 starts where 2020 tried to boast, we have the Covid-19
vaccine but I wont raise a toast, 60 rich people in Houston just
jumped the line, all live in the same luxury apartments and now
all are just find.

The health officials said they were not on the list but living in a
3.5 million per condo unit takes more then a kiss, But Texas
Gov was worried shots could be just sitting on a hospital shelve
but not any more need I say more.

Yahoo thought we all should read about it just one more time, how some
female celebrity took off cloths or some nonsense of that kind. after
stating how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had just started another Royal
fight, I bid you ado while saying good night

Now that I’m all caught up on who dissed who, I think I’ll go back to bed
until this year is through.

Where is that mangey dog at this day wont be right without stupid

Power And Control

The Slave Pit

“Justice is not given it’s extracted, if thy tongue is silenced you will live on your knees, until the moment you no longer breath”

We The People

In each life the triumphs will consul the tragedies
when the light of birth over shadows death’s reality.
In each person you touch, a give and take is a must,
if in wrong and right we trust, are your result a bust.

Life is hard to define when living in these changing times
life is now cheap police! make another homeless sweep.
Pick your side this war wont end because somebody died
control, power that’s at steak, humanity is just in its wake

Workers and the have not’s are pawns in the rich power play
They label you, then the divide and subtract, you see the impact.
We the people make it all work, money! is why they play in the dirt
their news tell you what they want you to hear, not above using fear.

With progress ahead some will back step to protect, at what regret
they count on that as much, step out of line you’ll get got every time.
They will take every dime, corruption executes their need to prosecute
they’ve talked about a great reset, who in the hell knows what to expect.

Know that your interest is not at heart, the joint is already falling apart
is it to late, we were not damned by fate! our silence let them dictate.
“Justice is not given it’s extracted so if thy tongue is silenced you will live
on your knees, until the moment you no longer breath.”

Haiku Poem #5B


Those flowing ocean currents
when indifference is apparent
handle with forbearance

What Is The Scope When Truth Is The Joke

“If just being right is all that you require, then wisdom through understanding is never desired, When crossing the finish line first yes! you do win, standing there all along with no friends.”        


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Happy New Year? Will See

As this new year has begone influences had told us who we
should become, the women has been placed on that peddle
in a state of grace, The male masculinity has been injected
with femininity by the mass media as a reasonable remedy.

Across the social media platform now we see man and women
causing such social harm, for we have been divided into two
separate camps the glue becomes useless when its to damp.
Will we call off the war or turn the lights off and close the door.

“Who wins, who lose servers no point in the end, when all before you has been lay to dust, but fight over the scrapes if you must, for on that dollar it did say in God we trust.”

Meditating A Principal Of Life

When Heart And Mind Are In Line
The Lessons Of Harmony

That comfort in clarity’s calm, self depredation will breed the condemnation of the light, in life’s resolve yes! much less has made other civilizations fall. The lack of emotional experience embrace the perspective for preconception, while appreciation’s acceptance, becomes that dime stolen from collections.

Be mindful of confusion, serenity has a solution following meditations evolution, still the thoughtless are willing to kill our tranquility! that attentive woeful servility. Embrace the focus of family and friends, life’s generosity is life living in harmony, grateful is the gift of giving, the peace in the power of a prayer, for all who dare.

On this day your gifts, your deeds or your greed will lay the dormant seeds of your tomorrow, either your followers will bloom, or your weeds will consume.       

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