Haiku #34

The seas kiss is mist
The seed roots then blooms
Nature’s order will consume

Have You No Shame

When you’re so quick to lie then cheat
live to fleece the vulnerable and weak.
Feel a thrill with the pick pocket steal
victims be damn, ready the next sham

Have You No Shame

Stab a friend in the back pretending to be true
yes! to hell with everybody else it’s all about you
Never to lend a hand, that’s just not in your plan
it all remains the same, must you win every game

Have You No Shame

Never will you bear a cross, never to take a loss
every sin there’s a cost but on you that was lost
kick mud in every face, every mother’s disgrace
at death a public gain, thief! your clam to flame

Those who have no shame died with no name.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Image by CeruleanSon from Pixabay

The Lie Told May Explode

Our Two Sides Can’t Be Denied

Is there some innocence in the lie No!
this is for all those who never ask why
Accuracy to admission sorry! there’s no
transition to dependability with omission

When attentive to any accommodation
the lie is adaptable to all kinds of situations
We lie to ourself “just showing consideration”
to hiding your ill deeds out of self-preservation

When that truth! is never in your first inclination
the priority decisively providing the corroboration
Breeds your devotion to deceit! now the truth can
never complete, no credibility whenever you speak

Currents In The Tides On The Darkside

Shadows No Light, Darkness So Bright

To all who come forth through the murky waters of deceit
salvation is dispelled unreachable from the depths of hell.
Deeds of record! your forsaking of the Lord is thy Shepard
trickery of tricksters! willful terror unleashed by the sinister

You’ve cast your lot a soul you did concede, for those who
spilled blood to feed a need, to the fool trading it for greed.
Now hold your sheepish cries plead! for redemption, these
slimy leech infested water gives no reprieve! no exemptions

The dreaded graveyard dreams as an endowment, musings mixed in hallucinations conjuring up your disembowelment.
The cringe worthy disembody manifestations, will petrify the obscure recollections in your imagination,

that’s damnation.

Failure Is A Cost Not A Lost

Actions are the dues for getting into that game
those endless planning’s are simply not the same
The starting line is the beginning with each step
you’re closer to the winning, soon! the ninth inning

Play with what you have kick and stomp down the
path, see nothing in your way, it’s the only way to play
Let gratitude and humility be your guide, the work will
be your source of pride, you simply cannot be denied

“Failure is not a loss it’s just a part of the cost, when taking actions within your plan, that ensures your chance at the win”

Can We Talk Without Who’s at fault?

Times get harder while the world gets mean
the debates get louder, our patients get lean
A fight is brewing between man and woman
say what you will but don’t tell me it’s nothing

The lines are drawn along the social media sites
the nasty name calling should make us all uptight
We do need each other that’s an indisputable fact
this agenda politics has got the world out of wack

Hey you! it’s me too, divorce and blue the bills are do
no talk! we curse scream and holler, don’t even bother
We just make haste, each with our own dollar chase
with a death toll increase they say no justice no peace

It’s time that we all put our own wants and needs aside
looking at each other without that false sense of pride
Extend a hand with a smile! even a hug and remember
how it was before the push and tug, having a little talk

 Without the who’s at fault  

“When your only intent is to determine who’s at fault, then there’s no reason for you and your mate to talk, understanding the problem is not at hand, it’s identifying who will win”

What The Heck!

I Shouldn’t Have To Pay

Take a minute to reflect!
On any moment of regret!
Consequences you didn’t select!
For lies they did indeed reject!
Payment is coming to collect!
For living your life incorrect!
You’re still unwilling to accept!
What the hell did you expect!
You’re a fool no need to check!
It’s why I call it what the heck!

The Weak is Meat

This orange ball of fire burning high into the night sky, a full moon with dark desires the night conspires then retires, a single black crow will witness the action below then go! the darkness descends once again the weak can’t defend, it’s the usual end.

Her madness started long ago, now much uglier than before her demons love the meek, if innocence! then evermore sweet, her monsters buried deep the blessing of a soul you can’t keep, the beginning of the end, her destiny was in a spin so! let us begin

The orange glowing eyes of her oppressor, tooth and claw aggressor. When the helpless are discarded in a pile! after the dreadful foul, the mind shattered Identity scattered nothing else would ever matter. A banquet feast for the beast, her tormenting would never cease

In this gray matter between light and dark, where your monsters start passing through the window of innocence, evil’s due diligence. Victim! and perpetrator alike walk the devil’s escalator if I’m right, the dark corridors in the mind where the horrors incubate over time.

Speak not of the tragedy that killed a heart then wrecked a soul, hear not the echo of your demon’s voice that laughed then scold, see not the acts of your domination, twisted was this abomination deceased! grief! lack of peace by another’s hand, forever damned

The Evil We See & Hear Not

Refusing to believe what you see, fear rejects what you hear how can this be, you’ve given up the driver seat, who makes your choice! you have no voice. Those who fade into the crowd, in silences unable to cry out loud, lay still your demons staring from inside, the abandonment of all pride. Stumbling through life terrified of the unknown, beseeching of a wanting not of your own. The twilight of your life goes marching by, looking for pity! swelling tears in the corners of your eyes, never questioned to even ask why           

Cast your doubts upon the winds, your fears you are not obligated to defend, seek a care free life by vanquishing internal strife.  

My Internet Is Down

When the cynic is cynical of a brand-new day,
the ill-tempered craze of social media in sway.
Brings focus on the frailties of people in need,
out monitoring masters upholding their greed.

When negative it’s a fertile breeding ground for hate
commercial consumerism is built into the click bate.
Yes, its trickery like Three Card Molly’s pending regret
some too ready to use the race card it’s still in the deck.

Women don’t wear clothes now for we pay them to see
Fans Only account is down internet please come to me.
While throughout each day it’s how time gets wasted away
as we all become mentally stuck! hackers are running amok.

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