Haiku #37 What’s Fed Spreads

Mist from the morning dew
When crime victimizes you
Good or dread it spreads

Bar Keep One For The Road

Life turns the warmth in the rays of the sun away
then dull the cool ocean mist that spray, must that
emptiness gnaws to the bone, from the awareness
of being all alone.

Compulsion is mired in those dangerous deeds
while depression conspires with that belligerent
need. Processing memory in need of modification
consumed by toxic vapors in a prolong intoxication

Sobriety’s disdain of all regulations, then you tremble
with pain from lacking rehabilitation. Your lips are dry
the tongue is worst, those violent shakings from your
burning thirst.

Your tolerance is high, unsociable at best, you indulge
in that old corn rye omitting the rest. Dangerous when
dizzy your current condition, at days end you’re in a fetal

Alcohol syndrome from the excess, a completed liquor
store run viewed as success. Heavy headaches from habitual
hallucinations, chronic cirrhosis was in the autopsy’s information,
now unclaimed before cremation, concluding a hopeless situation.

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Ladies Check Your Number

Be Your Best Friend

1 Shot sharpens your attention,
2 shots improve your deposition,
3 shots dull your exasperation’s
4 shots relief of anticipations,
5 shots to hell with the aggravations,
6 shots lower your expectations,
7 shots loosen your hesitations,
8 shots somebody will take advantage of the situation.

Image by Concord90 from Pixabay

Your Reason Why! You Live or Die

We reach for love to let us live while we cope
a shame when it collides with pride and hope.
For dark clouds will change your cheer to fear
only the fool would pretend the coast is clear.

The strong will seek while disregarding the weak
the meek hides and peeks, their unwilling to speak
We each must face our darkest side and then decide
just how will you live and why! or die unwilling to try

These truths must be revealed or destiny will be concealed
feeding needs lacking facts, that’s how freedom is attacked
Look out on any city landscape, oh screaming cries of hate
while the homeless gather to wait, a despicable ending fate

Home window bars clinch and hold, marauders! getting bold
as the drug addicts circle back, to earn the next hit of crack
Every parent’s nightmare, gun fire in the school yarn now clear
so how do you fight such despair! when it seems, nobody cares

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay Image by Richard Revel from Pixabay man mad Image by Hemmal Abdelhakim from Pixabay Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Shine Your Light

Your Wings To Fly

Be the shine in thy own light,
Wisdom keeps you balanced and upright,
Faith keeps you willing and bright,
Hope warms the chill in the night.
Honor provides you with all of your might,
Love ensures you’ll fight for what’s right.
Character keeps you lean and tight,
Pride that’s mindful keeps your purpose in sight,
Determination is the big dog that bites,
Humidity’s soft hand will admit your plight,
When combined together you will soar like a kite.

Image by Crisanto Veiguela Martins from Pixabay

Fractured Dreams Its Halloween

Trick and Treat

This is the night of the black cat and ghastly spells
in every child’s closet the boogie-man waits and chills
Bewitching broom hovering over bubbling brimstone brew
add a clove of garlic before your children go into the stew

The candles are lit as the floor creaks, cackle at the gnarls
cobwebs and cockroaches’ antics will be here tomorrow
Blood globing bats know the ghouls curse the Hobgoblins
devil’s demons denied your decapitation will cause a problem.

It is my suspicion you lack respect of my superstitions but worry not under my supervision, we will upgrade your disposition! with a Sorcerer’s tale, let us begin with a spell!

A pinch of rotting flesh with the black eyes of the newt add your petrified soul! “Did you know I play the flute”? Mix an UN-castrated toad in with a pint of pumpkin paste then season that to the Zombie’s taste’   

Halloween’s Night Prayer
“Let us give thanks for the terror to be inflected on the little knot heads who will be descending upon us, let the trick in the treat keeps them on the toilet seat, as the runs make revenge ever so sweet”

“When living life as a gift, the smallest of moments you’re unwilling to miss, foolishness and the superficial can be dismissed, the harmony in that kind of life how can you resist.”            

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