Was God Conceived Do You Believe

Candles will burn before absolution, atonement unconcerned by communitiescommunions, Evangelical choir’s chorus in the pews a crescendo of remorse.A bishop bows before blessing the born-again, bliss in the bells before theBenediction begins, doubts confirmation! deceived or relieved do you believe. Connections with congregations before the confessions within denominationsJustice! Jesus’ judgment or resentment! ritual rites withoutContinue reading “Was God Conceived Do You Believe”

Indecision, Pride! Cast Thy Self Aside

Those who cast themselvesĀ aside by indecision they brood upon the winds before God’s transition. Concealed within the folds of their discontent the serpents breeding grounds, it wasn’t heaven- sent. Torn among the thorns of thistles a bleeding drowned out by the horns among the whistles. No! they shall not hear the call of God gloryContinue reading “Indecision, Pride! Cast Thy Self Aside”