The Word Play

That gift of gab, garble gushing gurgling groans of grievance,
that’s malfeasance!
Deep disharmony a disputed dialogue demanding discretion,
your confession?
Coo cursing chorus clamoring conflict concealing clarification,
that’s desperation!
Fanfare! feeble foul-mouth fools fracking fables of fabrication
life’s complications.

“Seek no wisdom before words foul thy tongue,

then think not of things that remain undone,

a fool believes only in thy own needs, then feed

while thy own soul bleeds”

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Silent Death While You Rest

Though you lay quiet into the night,
the body can’t deny even while you lie.
This condition is acute, its detriments
you can’t mute, intervention! hypertension.

Your arteries scream for relief, your diet has told
you your obese, desist and decease before the grief.
Educate then activate, healthy activity begets vitality
Ye’ be warned of the pending harm, now hear the alarm.

A physician’s pamphlet approach, please excuse me if
I sound gosh, it will be better to medicate then monitor.
Better than one day spreading your butt cheeks for a
thermometer, that fast food full of salt, its time to halt.

You must fight the temptation, fatty food’s presentations
sedentary is not a solution, that stoke will cause confusion.
Now potassium-rich, add fruit to mix, lose the extra pounds,
literature can be found, may they never find you face down.

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Tears In The Eyes Of Fear

You can see the track tracing tears in their eyes
they come from the hunger can you hear their cries.
A mothers desperation, add stinging frustration,
a child passing the night with a burning appetite.

Such is the cruel conscious truth, this undeniable proof
lacking adequate amounts of sympathy, be gets tragedy.
How does a mother respond to her child crying for food
how can an society condone this condition being so crude.

Callousness complete, abundance and need don’t meet
for mothers world wide who weep, the world must speak.
What falseness of heart, cynical afflictions multiple parts
still their are billions for war, then even more if we get sore.

Who pays, is that your claim to fame, such disdain of shame
still discounting such pain, for your forty pieces of silver you’ll gain.

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We Must, In God We Trust


Dose nativity nature the needy,
do UN-trustfulness accurately describe the greedy.
Will the gusty gifted being glib plead guilty,
long before the generous give until they are empty.

Can the heedless hard-hearted become heroic
or am I a simple fool suffering from fits of euphoric.
I have been told that I am my brother’s keeper,
or will I be labeled the enabler that keeps him weaker.

Loathsome is the modest morals of the manipulator,
honorable is that inspirational spirit of the creator.
Deviously defensive before the demise from dishonesty,
these are my compulsive thoughts in our new reality.

Anxious yet still apathetic, arrogant when unsympathetic
boorish I haven’t regretted, selfishness seems systemic.
Joyfully the jubilant fellow the hopefulness of the faithful
out of the shadows I’m thrust, we must, in God we trust.

If in thy faith lay in thy own hands
when thy love bloom over this land
deny thy own name in spite of pain
will stand before the alter in shame

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The Digital Age

AI is watching you

Satellite communications bring instant gratifications, computer calculations bring instant computations. the computer startup
before the computer glitch. the process beeps but the print out missed

This is the predawn of a new digital age, Artificial Intelligence is
leading the way, will man create a brand new world, or be
burn at the steak by this digital peril.

Just what do you think, this AI will think of you, after mankind’s
poison history review, will this bountifully abundance of brilliance
set the human race free, are you willing to bow to one knee.

Will you be priorities how about categorizes by that power to be,
it may be galvanizes to ostracize before we hear that eulogy.
It will have us all on face recognition, access to all of your medical
conditions, are you willing to ask a machines for permission.

The rich will think with their finger on the switch, they won’t be the one that end up in the ditch. May I make my pitch, they will be the first one’s to stumble, tremble and twitch. A brand new world for our little boys and girls, just so that you know, I vote we don’t go.

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It’s 2021 Are You Having Any Fun

Move Forward Or Fall Back

It’s 2021 so what are your new year goals, now that Covid-19 vaccines is here I’m told, let me be the first to raise a toast, to 60 rich people in Houston who didn’t mean to boast, jumping the vaccination line living in the same luxury apartments and are all now doing just find.

Your two shot vaccine but now they are talking only one, science is already under the pressure of the politicians and that has just begun. From health officials fighting on the front line, they say there are two mutations you might want to keep that in mind

So what is the latest number count, we can play the number game while the death toll mount. Has Covid shorten your lying New Years resolution list or are you just hoping to live through this.

Yahoo thought we all should read about it just one more time, how some female celebrity took off their cloths or some nonsense of that kind. After stating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had just started another Royal fight, I bid you ado while saying to all a good night

Now that I’m all caught up on who dissed who, I think I’ll go back to bed until this year is through.

We Need Each Other

We are in trouble, our families and friends, ill-tempered hostility when decorum is at it’s end, anxious antagonistic! those who become hateful when idealistic.

When any hysterical lie can convene a reckless battle cry, people lacking reasonable rational, breed resilient rancorous vows. Governments against the people, burning churches falling steeples.

Still unknown is how much blood to be spilled, can you hear the mother’s cries as the children die, class warfare leads the race, with these conditions is anyone safe.

The labels we place on one another, the lack of trust of each other one nation wondering in the dimming light, still some unwilling to give up the fight.  What is the answer I don’t know what to do, but a change must be made if we are to make it through, God bless America to.       

Ageing Parents

SANDYMAN & Granddaughter

Hello to one in all I hope your new year is off to its best start, I haven’t posted in a week a hectic week and all that comes with the title of this post, Ageing Parents. So I did what you do I jumped on an airplane because my father needed me to, losing my mother some 20 yrs ago he’s all that is left.

This post is for my father who helped me understand what it really means to be a man. He took my mother out of high school loved and married her until he buried her, coming up in a time when being a black man had real challenges, sometimes I and the generations
behind me have on more then one occasion taking it for granite.

For all of us with ageing parents

As the time comes and past, sweet is the love when the laughter in the memories will last, then focused on forgiving because those pitfalls comes from living, we each march through time the best way that we can, for life will disrupt the best laid plans.

Their will be sorrows and regrets for each your share will fall, for their will be sweet and bitter pills for us one and all. Then the flexible will become the frail, when yesterday and tomorrow no longer gels, within your humble grace, read the genteel groves in that aging face.

Somethings that were never said cheerfully its better that they lay dead, for its all part of what makes you, you, your responsible for a thing or two, sensitive then sensible, supportive is what you will want when its your time ago, To all who will have this still to come, your actions you will remember them until the day your done.

When the light dims over the horizon, lay the scares of your hard earned wisdom, let not the dust of pain in the life game, obscure the love that remains

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Wall Street vs. Main Street

The Bulls on The Run

Hey people, son of gun once again the bull is on the run, get ready for another all time high damn! just yesterday another homeless had to die.

Still the Nasdaq refuse to quit, still the jobless numbers are a steaming pile of shit. The S&P 500 is still knocking them dead, make that right turn the bread line is just ahead.

Zero interest rates for two more years, 70 year old retirees now drowning in their tears. Russell 2000 said it all, 9 to 5 worker your gonna take a fall.

Big daddy Dow Jones always lead the way, so stop your winning and crying about minimum pay. Let the Hedge Funds have their day in the sun, they wont pay a income tax but got a refund.

Okay! take your little stimulus check, now get lost before we make you sweat.

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Washington DC We The People You Don’t See

The People Matter

The people descended upon the nation capital, the jobless now hungry those frustrations were palpable. Agree or disagree with the actions at hand, but nether lie or deny this is a broken land. Who know where we will go from here, the stars and stripes wave above this land of fear.

Platitudes and attitudes blend in a toxic mix, this nation in divide we are in a terrible fix, power and greed was the acid mix, what has happen in our nations capital the people can never forget. Is this the nation that we want, do you want to live in a waste dump.

Give the Republican and Demarcate thing a rest, the world is watching this terrible mess. Oh say can you see by the dawns early light, can we still proudly be able to say, the United States still shines that guiding light. Let us pause black and white the rich and poor come together to give a little more.

What are the answers? that’s not clear but we are one nation we all love dear.

This is Our Flag

“My Country Tis of Thee, sweet land of liberty, never shall we let this be, in a land that will be free, bless one and all for the United States will stand tall, God Bless America”

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