Happy New Year? Will See

As this new year has begone influences had told us who we
should become, the women has been placed on that peddle
in a state of grace, The male masculinity has been injected
with femininity by the mass media as a reasonable remedy.

Across the social media platform now we see man and women
causing such social harm, for we have been divided into two
separate camps the glue becomes useless when its to damp.
Will we call off the war or turn the lights off and close the door.

“Who wins, who lose servers no point in the end, when all before you has been lay to dust, but fight over the scrapes if you must, for on that dollar it did say in God we trust.”

Meditating A Principal Of Life

When Heart And Mind Are In Line
The Lessons Of Harmony

That comfort in clarity’s calm, self depredation will breed the condemnation of the light, in life’s resolve yes! much less has made other civilizations fall. The lack of emotional experience embrace the perspective for preconception, while appreciation’s acceptance, becomes that dime stolen from collections.

Be mindful of confusion, serenity has a solution following meditations evolution, still the thoughtless are willing to kill our tranquility! that attentive woeful servility. Embrace the focus of family and friends, life’s generosity is life living in harmony, grateful is the gift of giving, the peace in the power of a prayer, for all who dare.

On this day your gifts, your deeds or your greed will lay the dormant seeds of your tomorrow, either your followers will bloom, or your weeds will consume.       

The Cry Of The Wolf

Predator In A State Of Grace
The Cry Of The Wild

That cold gray mist descends upon the vast vacancy that is this marsh land
the bugs with the birds and toads sing the songs in nature’s plan. The Wolf cries informing all creatures below the hunt as begone, The Pack ensures dinner will be served before the night is done.

Blood and flesh mingle with broken bone crushed by fang and tooth, the snarls and growls signals the feeding frenzy has been set lose. The snorts howls and cries of the creature who was the dinner date, fade back beneath the songs in the calls of nature’s calming state.

The night returns to it’s ebb and flow, for death is as natural as the winds in the breeze that blow.

Another Pill

The Depths Of Hell
When Your Not Well

You can see the affects of space and time, the depth of the chasm between calm and despair, I’m Bi-polar beware. That daily friction in the cycle of distress, then add the medications I do detest, in this darkness my anxiety breeds hesitation, giving birth to bizarre manifestations.

Sadly I suffer through the mindless diagnostic conversations, that meaningless predictable obfuscation. I concede to the misadventures of those complications, that chemical imbalanced deterioration. I sit in that darkness while my shadow talks to me, my hormones disagree.

The lonely lows of life tallying up the liabilities in hereditary unpredictability, the predictable problematic pill phase has peaked, stabilization is incomplete. My Therapist continues to supports the specialist wellness recommendations, they seem far better at managing their own reputations.

Vigilance Or Pestilence

Have we reached that point where we have devalued humility for hostility
when conflicted is the preferred detestation, where deprivation torments
desperation, while demanding cooperation’s deactivation.

We are arrogant when not anxious, the egotistical will not be gracious
going about our way accepting the lack of morality, mistrustful of this
new reality, thoughtlessly intolerant in taking personal responsibility.

We seem to be a roving band of moving malcontents, think about what
that represent, as the news report the mindless violent events. Principles
our preposterous, conscientiousness there’s no thought for this.

That parasitic principal, the tick on the dog or did they say hog, the vulnerable before the weak, the docile to scared to speak, neglect is complete, So weather we are to be personable or petulant we must deal this pestilence.

Haiku Poem #4d

The Winds Of Change

Hear the wind blow
In the life to death flow
Change demands more

“Give up the pain in your heart

see the gray shade between the shadows in the dark

what was, still need not to be

unchain yourself and live life to be free.”

Christmas Debt

Hope Turns To Pain In The Credit Card Game
May 2021 Return The Hope

The crushing shackles of debt, kills the spirit of life
pulling families under, way the kids cry and wonder.
To those who buy more than they need, to those
who make less than what feeds, the pain bleeds.

Some buy to fulfill themselves, sometimes its just
sickness from hell, Other must match the Jones
down the street, while many are just trying to eat.
we stack it up at home, waiting on the new iphone.

Couples will scream, cuss and cry, other will steal
hide and lie, divorce will tell the family goodbye.
When you are working 80 weekly hour to succeed
still barely above the water while you proceed.

Running the gauntlet of the credit card switch and
swap, as your balance balloon over your limit’s top.
The latest news reported someone through the dice
went for it all, the reason the police had to be called

Your company stated your actions and its relevance
The D.A. wrote it down and then call it embezzlement
Look at all that shiny stuff hear the Christmas chimes
debt to the last dime your card comes out one more time.

The Year 2020 Has Been A Test

What’s Wrong In A Song 2020 Be Gone

The year is 2020 and here is the latest mess
the bullshit is piling up and its about to crest.
The dead wont pay taxes but continue to vote
Purdue Pharma 8 billion fine for Oxycontin dope

Big tech got my info and its packaged and priced
Congress wont help the people even asking twice
Girl power told men they should wear that dress
because male masculinity is toxic at best

The red pill community told me I should go my own way
Madison Ave if do will make you blue that’s our view
I can’t get paid Corona virus lock down started today
a finger wont stop a leaking dike or that coming eviction spike

The Fed printing cash by the ton Wall Street having all the fun
guess who pays for the test 6 feet of distance is what they stress
China said its not our fault paid Biden son for us to take a walk
kids out of school breaking rules precious little morons being fools

the homeless are becoming a rowdy bunch elitist will be ending your free lunch, marriage dying on the divorce vine your going to jail for not paying on time, What was once right but now is wrong its just safer staying right at home, our world now has a twisted view here comes 21 for us to chew

The Matrix: Red Or Blue Pill Yes Or No To Free Will
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