Let The Bull Run

Is the stock market ready to go on another tear,this weeks Fed meeting will share, some say beware.With stimulus packages being thrown around, yougot inflation sneaking around in the background. With all the fat cat running to feed from the troughworking poor getting stampeded are left to dust off.It seems its the same all overContinue reading “Let The Bull Run”

It’s 2021 Are You Having Any Fun

It’s 2021 so what are your new year goals, now that Covid-19 vaccines is here I’m told, let me be the first to raise a toast, to 60 rich people in Houston who didn’t mean to boast, jumping the vaccination line living in the same luxury apartments and are all now doing just find. YourContinue reading “It’s 2021 Are You Having Any Fun”

A New Year, Same Old Shit

2021 starts where 2020 tried to boast, we have the Covid-19vaccine but I wont raise a toast, 60 rich people in Houston justjumped the line, all live in the same luxury apartments and nowall are just find. The health officials said they were not on the list but living in a3.5 million per condo unitContinue reading “A New Year, Same Old Shit”

The Year 2020 Has Been A Test

The year is 2020 and here is the latest messthe bullshit is piling up and its about to crest.The dead wont pay taxes but continue to votePurdue Pharma 8 billion fine for Oxycontin dope Big tech got my info and its packaged and pricedCongress wont help the people even asking twiceGirl power told men theyContinue reading “The Year 2020 Has Been A Test”

Congress is set to pass new stimulus checks — here’s when to expect yours

https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/covid-relief-900-billion-compromise-051144898.html You must wonder what is the plan, the trillions we spentto kill are fellow man, one war or another for the last 15years, a stimulus tip for the people’s tears for the coming year. The homeless piled high on city blocks, Congress attentionis on the Christmas clock, their headed home passing thehomeless while inContinue reading “Congress is set to pass new stimulus checks — here’s when to expect yours”

Another Day, Let Us Pray

We are witnessing the dawn of a new day,Social Media now leads the way.Where share, comment and like prevail,despite the chaos death! and hell.Where the one up is a mustunconcern about the fuss or the declining trustTechnology was suppose to improve the day,what I would say, is let us pray. Image by Gerd Altmann fromContinue reading “Another Day, Let Us Pray”

Merry Christmas To Me

Jingle bell I’m out of jail and ready to get on track, I knowit’s wack, you just got hack, your credit card stack will fills my sack. Merry Christmas to me, for my stuff was all freenow you kicking up flack for being my latest sap,you got stabbed in the back, I could hear youContinue reading “Merry Christmas To Me”

Your Opinion

Your opinion! everyone has one but is yours, your ownor did it come from a 30 sec sound bite from your iPhone.Are you just repeating what you heard somebody else saytake a moment to find your way, look into what people say. That web site trash got the people burning cities to ashwhile the corporateContinue reading “Your Opinion”