What The Heck!

Take a minute to reflect!On any moment of regret!Consequences you didn’t select!For lies they did indeed reject!Payment is coming to collect!For living your life incorrect! You’re still unwilling to accept!What the hell did you expect!You’re a fool no need to check!It’s why I call it what the heck!

The Word Play

That gift of gab, garble gushing gurgling groans of grievance,that’s malfeasance!Deep disharmony a disputed dialogue demanding discretion,your confession?Coo cursing chorus clamoring conflict concealing clarification,that’s desperation!Fanfare! feeble foul-mouth fools fracking fables of fabricationlife’s complications. “Seek no wisdom before words foul thy tongue, then think not of things that remain undone, a fool believes only in thyContinue reading “The Word Play”

The Physics Of Self Awareness

“The basic aspects in the density of the distortion in modern emotions, the angular adhesion affecting the acceleration of spiritual elevation. Decibel deviations! statistical scientific variations in mental reservations, names the relative resolution among the quantitative solutions in the human evolution”

Computer Life

In this era of engaging electronic innovation, the complex functions in emerging animating applications. Yet the Geek Squad couldn’t solve my bandwidth frustrations my instant messaging app is forwarding disparaging information. My Ethernet has just cursed out the networkmy infrastructure is on strike both now refuse to work. I was denied administrative access granting activationmyContinue reading “Computer Life”

What Are You Talking About?

With entry-level expectations, your inflexibility with the wrong affiliations. The challenges contributing to character, when focused foundations are rarer. The bypassing of the educational effect, while fools engaged in mental money neglect The dire impoverish accomplishments you must expect! pitching the purpose for a bogus project you will regret. Access your environmental commitments, uniquely sharingContinue reading “What Are You Talking About?”

The Sting Of Bee Or A Dog’s Ticks And Fleas

Why must I chase the cat?   Passion denied conceded pride starting all over again tell the lie give it try its do or die so let the games begin. She’s fearlessly loyal gleefully unsoiled no need to boil you will shout if the truth comes out she’ll run no doubt. You inconsiderate pain slightlyContinue reading “The Sting Of Bee Or A Dog’s Ticks And Fleas”