If It Be Thy Will

I bleed before his will, a fear of death in the night’s chill. Will the haunts of a desperate deed, seek your soul for the sowing of thy seed. The solitary suspicion, illuminating transition wicked yearnings screaming from divine burnings. This scornful madness among the selfish sadness, casted this shadow upon your brood! the devil’sContinue reading “If It Be Thy Will”

Conflicted Sexuality, Conforming To Who’s Reality

That chill rolling down the spine in your back, the sting in the cries for things you lack, this malicious waste within a weary heart must it be, oh nefarious bi-curious can that be. This trouble you struggle among society’s steamy rubble, you live in a restricted bubble, hostile but hopeful your industrious but notContinue reading “Conflicted Sexuality, Conforming To Who’s Reality”

The Sham In Who I Am

Where within lies this articulate arrogance, brazenly antagonistic said the evidence, then amusingly boorish yet barren but brilliant, creatively clairvoyant with the bullshit. This curious current of impulsiveness, is oppressively electrifying in its explosiveness, so said that sad song of the fool when his money is gone, oh! but then I could be wrong. AContinue reading “The Sham In Who I Am”

The Rising Insanity In Humanity

With a desperate need for selfie likes, some will bleed death! takes its bite to the disagreement at work, semiautomatic gunfire brings a terrorist alert.   There’s frustration on the highways and byways when the finger goes up! temperatures erupt! an action corrupts! blood on the asphalt is the result . The pains and strainsContinue reading “The Rising Insanity In Humanity”