I ponder these thoughts my mind is in a spell The year of Armageddon we are all off to hell The reasons to why are strange and then varied Indicted and now convicted is the Virgin Mary Like those rain drops falling into a darken well How much man hates I’m not suppose to tellContinue reading “PONDERED THOUGHTS!”


Success is effective mind control The filtering of nonsense before it takes hold Rejecting criticism from those who would scold The doubling down while all others would fold With clear objectives it’s march would be bold Standing defiant before the darkness that’s cold Unyielding commitment that quality is not sold Defined by achievement while accumulatingContinue reading “Success!”


We speak not of those unfulfilled dreams drifting upon the currents of yesterday Then rejecting the cries of a weary heart now shackled within the confines of dismay Taste the sticky tales upon these tainted tongues oh those lying eyes now weak when you’re wrong Screeching doubts while chills sting! then stay your illusion areContinue reading “THE IMPLICATIONS”