Intercity Despair No Body Cares

1964 that cold wet December, 12:45  no one is left to remember, a cold slap from the doctor’s hand, another crack baby born into this land. A nursing mother unable to cope with a poison nipple dripping out dope, that’s how life began then detritus seeped in. A child’s vision impaired! hearing was faint! now kindergarten awaits! but it’s much to late. The filth that was home while mama turns tricks all night long, another john has come and gone. Then add a boyfriend and now two! the hellish beatings this child would go through. The randomness for heaven sake, life’s course set by the twist of fate, now ten years has past this child no longer tries but still in school living a lie, don’t know why. Watching the other kids who didn’t have to cry, still there’s a flicker of hope! but it’s time to cope! with his next beating with a belt or rope. This wicked pain but he no longer cries, the light in his eyes steams like festering meat with maggots and flies. The hate in his heart it’s a planted seed such an ugly weed! will make us bleed. He turned fifth teen now and will take no more, his next abuser was beaten to the floor, he stuck a knife into their liver with cold dark eyes that would make you shiver. He’s now on the streets and he’s ready to win, there are no rules to a life of sin. He found his family in a gang, twisted by sadistic pain with violent out-burst he cant restrain, your life may never be the same. He’s twenty one now and he’s on the run, he’s killed so many some just for fun. Now standing before a Superior Court Judge, ever defiant even quit smug! your child is now dead from his slug. Now! you want to have a say just before the courts put him away, you scream about the hell he’s put you through, his response would chills you blue. “ I hear it in your voice! you’re looking for remorse! like I ever had a choice. That anger in your eyes that’s the anger that killed me inside, I feel your burning pride. Now you want to see me fry, I enjoyed hearing you cry. Hope you never see me again, you only cared that your family wins, now feel the hell that I’ve lived through, the next chance I get I’ll kill you too! ”.


Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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