When Life Sucks

Delirious! this was drunken desperation, my psychosis had sided with my hallucinations, I’m clinging to my favorite bar nauseated by the stink of sweat! the whiskey I’ve spilled and still regret. That stale smell of cigar or is that burning tar,the tragedy of a drunk with a empty jar.

My swirling eyes as my brain spins, where do cruel hearts go to commit their next sin. This is an alcoholic addiction! my entangling intoxicating affection, old spider’s web dancing in the breeze ready to seize the fly! then the constriction.

Your egotistical attitudes mine! was just plain rotten from my solitude, yet it was unknown just how long this would last, the last time I’ve eaten decent food it give me gas. Now my days are dismal filled with drunken disorder, I’m toxic and vengeful said the court reporter.

This belligerent man what is his conscious state, standing before the judge with a criminal complaint. So how do you plead! before we precede, judge! I need one moment to think! judge! fuck you I rather drink, now wasn’t that quaint, the judge said no scumbag it ain’t bailiff! damn the citation bring on the restraints.

My overindulgence I could have stood taller, now I’m in jail because the judge was smarter, these concrete cells reflecting my screams! as I hollers, My cellie wont take no! to sex he said don’t even bother. So I took a little snooze after singing the blues from feeling a little used, I was broken and confused and now had nothing left to lose.

These useless prison policies and regulations, I made alcohol with out hesitation,to wash away the degradation! and my cellie’s perspiration from his infiltration. There’s victory! in intoxication, that was my revelation so to hell with these rule violations, to me it’s just useless information.

They call this rehabilitation! what I need is a cellie separation with less wicked penetration, this would bring me real rejuvenation while avoiding any hospitalization from this perverts adulation. My symptoms are systematic while I tremble like addict, it’s like the bee without it’s honey or the hawk chasing the bunny.

In ever increasing proportions who in the hell gave you the notion! I would give up my alcoholic devotion. So bottoms up to all this devastation, you can add cirrhosis of the liver to the situation, that’s insurrection! hell with a few more drinks! I will be ready for the resurrection.


Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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