(A Short Story of Tragedy! Revenge! And It’s Tragedy! Part 1 )


March 20th, 1961 the first day of spring in Boston, Massachusetts this Atlantic Coastal region of the United States, where the vile violation of rape! stripped innocence! the twisting of comprehension, leading to the lack of redemption. Which brings us to a Miss Peggy Williams, a thirty one year old six full feet of blue eyed blond exotic passion, a titillating! tantalizing tidbit whose hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back, ending just before covering perfectly round firm mounds of buttocks.

Peggy was the second child of three, both parents were professors at Boston College dappling in politics and social issues within Boston’s elite, living in a well to do enclave on upper west side. Peggy was now a very polished and well educated manipulator with upper class family contacts, accustom to bending the world to will. She lived in a well to do triplex on the upper west side, she drove your standard upper class convertible and her home came complete with all the amenities of privilege.

But Peggy had a dark sinister side, it could only be found on the wrong side of the gates of hell. She was now a spoiled, spiteful! she-devil with a morbidness matched only by a twisted disturbed child tormenting small helpless animals. Peggy’s state of being can be traced back to her reoccurring flash backs, the devastation in Peggy’s violation.

18 years ago at 13 years old Peggy Williams was a smart and carefree young lady who went to William Wright’s finishing school, were the elite go to learn how to rule over the ruled. On a fateful sunny day she would encounter an Carl Wheaton, the janitor at the school, a repugnant man of dubious background with his own monsters crawling within. Peggy was heading to the deans office no doubt to receive ever more praise for her after school activities of leadership.

While walking pass a supply room a hand suddenly covered her mouth, Carl Williams have pulled Peggy into the supply room placing a knife at her throat. Duct tape replaced the hand then Peggy’s hands were bound and then it began, now stripped naked Carl had cut her cloths from her body like a master chef.

He forced Peggy onto her knees rapping one of her long blond ponytails around his hand pulling Peggy’s head back. Carl with his other hand exposed himself then bent down with a savage thrust entering Peggy, the sodomy would begin it would be brutal to the end. Peggy had to endure this savagery all while being suffocated by the nauseating stench of Carl’s body order for the lack soap and water. Carl began to whispers vile obscenities into Peggy’s ears as the sodomy continued unabated, like a mad dog in heat Carl began to lick Peggy’s face like she was just meat.

Peggy knew she had to keep from throwing up, tape covered her mouth but the foul smell of Carl’s breath, the lost of her dignity what was left. Carl released himself inside Peggy and with no pity he just dress then left, she laid there now shattered! she was broken. Peggy was in a transfixed state, her mind trying to reject her new reality and in that moment a seed took root, Peggy’s plan was at hand while trying to understand this new burning hate for the common man.


Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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