It be a bitter thought
tangled among twisted weeds.
The mocking of spiritual wants
confessions are not of our needs.

Objective these dismissive hearts
ceremoniously shall they bleed.
The ending of paranoid haunts
profound are their repugnant deeds.

Vibrant are these insightful visions
enlighten ecclesiastic kind of reasons.
Churning oh white water seas
now baptizing our new devotee’s.

Vexingly poignant are our noble pleads
hesitantly thy bending of shaky knees.
Silence! thy noble shepherd
the discipline in securing this reference.

This pilgrimage with reverence
It’s the foundation of the experience.
Faith! be thy eternal claim
guidance is the keeper of the flame.

There is resentment with indifference
be skeptical of there persistence.
The divinity of god’s deliverance
be vigilante in your perseverance.

Infallible is God’s love
eternal life from far above.
The purity of permanent reassurance,
this soul sustained on divined sustenance.

Reveals it’s ritual revelations
this society of great degradation.
Relative is this restrictive realization
precociously perverse in its preservation.

Serenity solace in our salvation
secular seeking of the sanctification.
Forever sensing our denunciation
the sublime source of this isolation.



Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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