Stumbling along this path of cobble stone
the days of our past but now there gone
Never thought my source of delight, would
cause such nightmares my pain at night

This heart had sung among the daffodils,
the daisy, those dahlia’s, my wife my thrill.
You were my nectar! hummingbirds are also
collectors, Your shining knight see my scepter.

Now meandering along a running stream, wild
flowers tell water lilies what love really means.
Upon reaching the top of this gardenia slope,
no longer can I continue I have lost all hope.

Then I shook! this wondrous babbling brook
with a clutch of eggs from a building of rooks
There’s a parade of storks circled by starlings
I will miss you my love, your forever my darling.

at the brook’s south end there’s a rock formation
this team of ducks seem to fight in frustration.
It’s at water’s edge making the perfect bench,
I thought to stop and rest it seem to make sense.

Your silhouette bursting upon a tormented mind
the bees making honey seem to buzz in rhyme
The ants are hostile! the flies were unsympathetic
as the beetles bite! it all seems so poetic

Looking to the north there’s a bevy of swans
deer are now pasting followed by the fawns
Echoes of your voice and chirps of nightingales
can you see the eagles swore, this sight is a spell

Paradise! could be? without you not for me
now look my love, the true love of turtledoves
Visions of you consume the world that I knew
so what do I do with this world without you.

a siege of herons, these infuriated gaggle of geese,
sores of mallards squabble, this chaos is complete.
Sweet lilac fills the air, cherry blossoms every where
I’m feeling your loving gaze, I’m lost in a endless maze.

You should see the sun dancing across shy
the carnations follow needing no reason why.
This host of sparrow, following the swallows
there’s raven unrest! crows are not impress.

It’s been hours my love our beautiful day
butterflies are fluttering they want us to stay.
Life without you was a ever looming specter
listen my love can you hear the woodpecker.

Well I guest I’ll be off ending a another day
I have been talking a lot with nothing to say.
I have been on my knees, it’s all been in vine
if God has a reason, he has not made it plane.

Now I’m back in the city of swirling lights,
this sterile existence is the suffering of life.
Wife you passed away, my mind wouldn’t stay,
now locked! in this body, confine to this room!

I’m coming home honey I’ll see you soon.


Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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