The Value In Life

What Do You Value

When you think of what you value in life
some don’t know others don’t think twice.
Can you feel the clam in a gentle breeze or
our you to burden with your unfulfilled need.

The cool kiss of clean water that never comes
to mind, the warmth of the sun when your just
wasting time. The song of the birds living in the
trees, the things you miss when your pain persist.

Just what do you see when seeing no path a head
will you ever say your sprite is dead, living a life that
remains unfed. For some it’s a losing game, others
will surrender in shame, still all live will end the same


Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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