Christians Beware Hostilities Declared

Woeful terrorist wanton cruelties blistering! it’s twisted delight these ignominious acts of calamity trusted upon Christianity. Vengeance! sitting in the dominate seat at the table of violence! now proclaiming death! must be obedient to their intolerance. Their cloak of frailty the unfaithful left fallow before God’s will legions of Christians declaring hostilities! we will vanquishContinue reading “Christians Beware Hostilities Declared”

She’s A Black Widow

In this dark illusion it fulfills this tribal fear your cast iron cruelties it’s sever it’s caviler. Your charisma should have been my warning my musing nemesis is relentless but charming. Fragmented folklore the tales that are figments my clairvoyance is resistant! lacking persistence. That sheer grown clinging to your naked body imagery so profoundContinue reading “She’s A Black Widow”

SAVE THY NATURE (a rewrite)

Hear the cries in nature’s song death! in need of revision who will fix this wrong, we stumble along nature’s path the clinging mist of fresh grass, feeling the warmth of the sun will this last. See the beckoning of the blue sky’s hanging over this marshy wet land, jettisoning out of this lush greenContinue reading “SAVE THY NATURE (a rewrite)”