There maybe specter in the speculations there will be death! with no reservations. Silence! unwanted superstitious theories, less you provoke Samurai’s Fury. There were seven codes of Bushido they dated back before the medieval. Seeking weakness ye’ imperial fools The dramatic rise! of Samurai’s rule. Dark deeds of demons in the deformity the emperor willContinue reading “SAMURAI’S FURY”


This descending damming darkness, the merging! this dingy gray shroud of foggy clinging mist. The piercing croak of the toads wouldn’t relent the chaotic chirping sounds of the crickets the devil sent . My psychotic break! death! now watches and waits I’m outside her widow while deciding her fate. Her petite body moving with suchContinue reading “THE DARKNESS IN ME”


The day is not done, you loose sight of what life has become. Time spent on innocuous deeds, are indifferent to your particular needs. What are the hopes of a chosen few, above the many who never knew. Then in who should we task? those who choose who will come last. Let’s start to nightContinue reading “THE DAY IS NOT DONE”

The Holocaust of man

The evil in this story one mad man’s reach for glory, with nationalism’s enthusiastic furor the Nazis would make the whole planet shiver. The seeds were sown during Versailles Treaty, another war started by the wicked and greedy. Like vile vultures regurgitating rotten meat, that war spat out a murderer now feasting on the weak.Continue reading “The Holocaust of man”