Intercity Despair No Body Cares

1964 that cold wet December, 12:45  no one is left to remember, a cold slap from the doctor’s hand, another crack baby born into this land. A nursing mother unable to cope with a poison nipple dripping out dope, that’s how life began then detritus seeped in. A child’s vision impaired! hearing was faint! nowContinue reading “Intercity Despair No Body Cares”

The Levity In Life Welcome again to all my new friends from the Sandymancan your poet with a plan, when the shit hits the fan. I bring to you a service and it’s new when hard times come to you, when those pesky phone calls make blue, Sandman’s answering service will comfort you. This one is for women andContinue reading “The Levity In Life”

Regrettable Actions

A World Of Silences Can you hear the deifying cries of silences, a world staring within indifferent to the cry of hunger, poverty and it’s sins. No! we longer hear the anthem of am I my brothers keeper, while fortifying our personal position as we sink even deeper. I see the angry fingers pointing inContinue reading “Regrettable Actions”

Enduring Passions

You comb over your life in your mind’s eye, you can feel the ebb and flow of your emotions, those vivid way point of recollections strung out on life’s memory line through time. Then you conjure up an alternating directions, those wonderings of this new alternated directive. Life’s simple score cards it’s a strange game,Continue reading “Enduring Passions”