Another birthday

In a Dementia fleeting thought just the other day it only came to mind because it was my birthday. At my bathroom sink pondering life’s recollections a sudden flash from the mirror, I saw my reflection. Intensely taking inventory my body’s vital statistics my unused eye prescription who wants to be realistic. with each newContinue reading “Another birthday”

Who Needs A Tree!

I was just a seed now watch me grow yes! I to will bleed the sap will show While we all feed the arborist knows building my diameter the winds will blow The steps to success it’s survival system these regional diseases I must resist them With organic preparation this is a solution what’s impactingContinue reading “Who Needs A Tree!”


So! just what can be said about the randomness of time, equation! in your persuasions your theory not mine. Will advancing a prism in a man’s mind re-triangulate those invisible parallel lines. Can you run Darwin’s theory through a spectroscopy, is that science or folly for the foolish to cope. Man still wonders just whyContinue reading “A DIVIDED PERSPECTIVE ON MAN’S OBJECTIVES”


Stumbling along on my internal path Why can’t I see! how long will it last? A story through time now that has past Scornful my deeds now that I’m tasked. Lost meanings in my wasteful dreams Provocative torments my rotting seams. Twisting my faith in this higher power Preposterous claims dying by the hour. LoathsomeContinue reading “BROKEN FAITH”

Perception or Introspection

Searching the realm in my distorted reflections compulsive yet conflicted with my own suggestions. Rancorous thoughts shivering through a woeful mind indifferent to the entanglements as the seasons un wine.   This scornful reckless heart in need of resurrection intolerant thy fears because you can see my imperfections. Expectant dreams in distraught now dangling byContinue reading “Perception or Introspection”

My name is not ROE V. WADE

The call to arms yet once again The lines are drawn to the bitter end The Court’s deck is stacked with spades In the fight of Roe V. Wade The deafening chatter the cries it’s choice! Then who will hear my voice? The adjudications oh fighting frustrations A mother’s womb or that’s my tomb There’sContinue reading “My name is not ROE V. WADE”

God Forgive Me

Sitting along by this quiet pond Remembering a day now it’s gone The whispers! this haunting of me My forgotten truths must be free This glaring fog among silhouettes Those shadows in the light as I wept My jagged heart my unspeakable deed This broken life, I’ve bent both knees Oh god I said withContinue reading “God Forgive Me”


In a desperate act of attrition this nation that was in transition. Harsh it would be from inception A quest taken with no hesitation. Plowing anger seas non-stop Next up! was Plymouth Rock. Hardy was the people at hand now to subdue this promise land. Fearless were they in their pride Soon they had spreadContinue reading “BIRTH OF THE NATION”

Hear The Call Of The Water Fall

Audacious is this white water froth the flowing force in this frigid stream. Oh sweet cool shrouds of clinging mist It’s where the rainbows go to be seen. As the insects bit in surging sunlight harmony sings on indifferent to the wrong. The meadow’s many shades of green lush grasses shrubs! in a grazer’s dream.Continue reading “Hear The Call Of The Water Fall”