Christians Beware Hostilities Declared

Woeful terrorist wanton cruelties blistering! it’s twisted delight these ignominious acts of calamity trusted upon Christianity. Vengeance! sitting in the dominate seat at the table of violence! now proclaiming death! must be obedient to their intolerance. Their cloak of frailty the unfaithful left fallow before God’s will legions of Christians declaring hostilities! we will vanquishContinue reading “Christians Beware Hostilities Declared”


via Daily Prompt: Denial Life! can lead to an unwelcome choice, when the heart recedes it can hinder our voice, our pride sometimes will not tender that surrender, with tears in our eyes that moment before denial! we will always remember. Now crossing that line of truth! where’re into delusion, still we’ve made the choiceContinue reading “Denial”

Where Eagles Fly

We must speak today at this moment then oppose those who would become an opponent, the propaganda publicizes the particulars, it’s resolute, absolute! it’s perpendicular. Surviving the shrills in the shootings the toxins are tracking this predator not evolution, must this symbol be threaten! the impact of pesticides on our wetlands. Feeling those up liftingContinue reading “Where Eagles Fly”


Secrets! how do we define it’s anatomy! the shrouding of actions illicitly, usually clandestinely! can there be excessive revelations from those who can’t fight their own inclinations having no hesitation rejecting confidentialities preservation. Could that be the statement of a thesis, secret actions can be capricious! influencing all the planet’s species. Zoology at it’s best!Continue reading “Secrets!”