Cambodian Sky’s

  Progress! must it always abuse the land you see the square concrete boxes of change, the dotted skyline of ugly yellow cranes in vane upwardly they strain, the money game has no shame only the weak and the poor remain the same. Look! casting their shadows over the richness of the past then who’sContinue reading “Cambodian Sky’s”

Passion! The Key To Satisfaction

Passion! what is your participation no! I don’t harbor any condemnation. Within the cynical’s perception will you respond with truth or discretion? I say it’s idealistically intuitive for the emotionally immature it’s not relative. unattainable by the dullards who are diminutive obviously, it’s not imperative. Neither animal nor vegetable those who lack it call itContinue reading “Passion! The Key To Satisfaction”

Give Up Your Thrown You Have No Home

I do not fear the sting of doubt shimmering in the reflections of the unknown I concede not to an authoritarian tone with the intent to unseat a man from his throne A signature tune the semantics in sanctions benign! it’s true pronunciation call it castration They rattle to render their validity UN-submissive you will feel theContinue reading “Give Up Your Thrown You Have No Home”

The Configuration Of Stagnation

Sandymans Quote: “Those stalled by reservation mired in their own hesitation will concede to this unreasonable rationalization unknowingly provoking a serious elevation yet never trivial is the realization you will be diminished by your lack of participation.”

Mob Rules Excuse For Fools

Hear the clamoring commotion  booming brass the crack crackle and crash No longer do we talk to each other disharmony if disapproved chaos! now the rule   Our beliefs, based on the word of mouth reason falls on deaf-ears they follow their peers Curt! they criticize critically now your surprised when the tail wags the dog weContinue reading “Mob Rules Excuse For Fools”