The Disciplined Principle

HEY YOU! Tomorrow’s Change Is Paid For By Today’s Strains Which Buys All Your Gains   One day I’m going to be this and that Everybody will look then step back I will live life on my terms Let the envious burn and yearn   At what point did you submit? those who would relentContinue reading “The Disciplined Principle”

The Mind I Own

Here in the Philippines I have seen the struggles of life it’s like all other struggles yet perception has its own vise, I have seen images in my journeys that burn in the concision minds, in time with reflection it will begin to unwind. Heed what your mind feeds upon less you live the unknownContinue reading “The Mind I Own”

Sandyman Is Back In The Philippines Chasing My Tropical Dreams.

Sandymancan your poet with a plan when it all hits the fan All blessing to my Facebook and Word Press family I haven’t posted in three weeks since coming to the Philippines. I have been island hopping and the Internet on some of the Island in the Philippines is hit and miss or swing andContinue reading “Sandyman Is Back In The Philippines Chasing My Tropical Dreams.”

The Strength Is Mine Through The Sands Of Time

  My strength comes from the heart and my mind the body will succumb to the ravages that are the sands of time. We are one, just below the fears lay our tears still we will deny! such is the hold of an internal lie. No! Ask not of me of what’s Within you thatContinue reading “The Strength Is Mine Through The Sands Of Time”

Will Tomorrow Bring Sorrow

Do avoid the boisterous fool who’s blowing his own trumpet brass bogus tainted tongue unspoken truths are never done Break the bonds of broken promises shackling your dreams stillness causes stifle spewing those toxic byproducts of life   In the wheezing whimpers of wishes that will never happen for the lies ruckus rumblings because youContinue reading “Will Tomorrow Bring Sorrow”

Cambodian Sky’s

  Progress! must it always abuse the land you see the square concrete boxes of change, the dotted skyline of ugly yellow cranes in vane upwardly they strain, the money game has no shame only the weak and the poor remain the same. Look! casting their shadows over the richness of the past then who’sContinue reading “Cambodian Sky’s”

A Mind Betrayed It’s Suffocating Maze

  Sitting on my hotel room’s balcony camera always close by Cambodia’s heat and humility will unhinge any reason why.a man one hand ranting in the street, my interest peakedthe rage in his eyes, boiling bubbling burning turmoil inside. He pointed cursed and yelled! I think Cambodian I don’t speakIt appeared he had gotten theContinue reading “A Mind Betrayed It’s Suffocating Maze”

A Kiss, The Lash A World In Contrast

I found this little tree in a concrete jungle among relics of war of dying and more. A serene scene of peace resting in this state the swirling fires of hell at the pearly gate. Then I saw her out the corner of my eye she laid in peace I could not tell you why.Continue reading “A Kiss, The Lash A World In Contrast”

Fire In The Sky Tears In The Cry

George Town Malaysia On a warm early Malaysian evening wet from sweat before the evening crept. The chirp of the cricket song the sting in the mosquito’s bite before long. Above the jungle canopy, there’s fire in the sky below, a death cry! predator and prey know why. While nature’s disco of discord is takingContinue reading “Fire In The Sky Tears In The Cry”