Let Ye’ Be Not Forsaken

I stumble along on thy internal path, why can’t I see! then how long will it last? a story through time now that has passed, scornful my deeds now that I’m tasked. These unknown meanings  in my wasteful dreams, provocatively tormenting my rotting seams. That’s twisting my faith in this higher power, those preposterous claimsContinue reading “Let Ye’ Be Not Forsaken”

God’s Will

It be a bitter thought tangled among twisted weeds, the mocking of spiritual wants confessions are not of our needs. Objective these dismissive hearts ceremoniously they will bleed. The ending of paranoid haunts profound are their repugnant deeds, vibrant are these insightful visions, enlighten ecclesiastic kind of reasons. Churning oh white water seas now baptizingContinue reading “God’s Will”

Temperatures Rise

Long before man this planet throbbed with the echoes of life Their were massive sheet of ice this wondering glacial paradise   Altitude determines the air-pressure a barometer’s instrumental measure the rush of the flowing freezing rain welcome to this frozen barren land   Ocean’s currents in the jet streams actively tempering the climate extremesContinue reading “Temperatures Rise”

Climate Change And The Insane

Can we talk climate change it seems to cause so much pain, I’ve felt the hate in it’s debate some say it’s much to late. People will kill and others will die, I’m lost to understand yet still I try. It’s like the Titanic! some will panic, why can’t we see it affects both youContinue reading “Climate Change And The Insane”

Intercity Despair No Body Cares

1964 that cold wet December, 12:45  no one is left to remember, a cold slap from the doctor’s hand, another crack baby born into this land. A nursing mother unable to cope with a poison nipple dripping out dope, that’s how life began then detritus seeped in. A child’s vision impaired! hearing was faint! nowContinue reading “Intercity Despair No Body Cares”

Regrettable Actions

A World Of Silences Can you hear the deifying cries of silences, a world staring within indifferent to the cry of hunger, poverty and it’s sins. No! we longer hear the anthem of am I my brothers keeper, while fortifying our personal position as we sink even deeper. I see the angry fingers pointing inContinue reading “Regrettable Actions”