Emotional Trust Now Blowing Dust

When peering into the darkness when it calls on to thee, I will see not the need in her touch she placed upon me. This shroud that’s concealing wants denied, this burdens placed upon my heart by my burning pride. Yes! this nectar dripping tryst within your lustful drenching bliss, still I hear those cries in your past lies before we kiss.Continue reading “Emotional Trust Now Blowing Dust”

The Life You Live

Oh restless heart then speak thy will docile and distracted ensures you’ll fail. When the genuine genteel are gifted the wrath in the ignorant is expected. Heeding the honorable who are heroic believe the ethical honest yes! euphoric. Denying outrageous it’s usually nefarious inspiring your life while being courageous.

2018 Is On The Way

Now hear what the Sandyman say, Santa has already gone away. Do you feel the year on its way, it’s time to prosper no time to play. Missed opportunities sings a sad song, wasted time crying what went wrong. Within you shines that light and desire, throw gasoline on it start the damn fire! NoContinue reading “2018 Is On The Way”

The Sandyman

Acceptance! that’s an amiable enough word, needless to say theirs no friction when its heard, My not so humbly my tag line Sandymancan your poet with a plan when the shit hit the fan came a point in time when acceptance was painfully force-fed to me. It came at a time when there was aContinue reading “The Sandyman”