Another birthday

In a Dementia fleeting thought just the other day it only came to mind because it was my birthday. At my bathroom sink pondering life’s recollections a sudden flash from the mirror, I saw my reflection. Intensely taking inventory my body’s vital statistics my unused eye prescription who wants to be realistic. with each newContinue reading “Another birthday”

God Forgive Me

Sitting along by this quiet pond Remembering a day now it’s gone The whispers! this haunting of me My forgotten truths must be free This glaring fog among silhouettes Those shadows in the light as I wept My jagged heart my unspeakable deed This broken life, I’ve bent both knees Oh god I said withContinue reading “God Forgive Me”


 My drunken night this bewildering dream oh it’s franticly wicked! sadistic it seemed   I’m cautiously shivering now hot as steam I married a women who’s just damn mean   Brutish knocks yes! I barricaded the door my jittery knees cowardly crossing the floor   Slimy shrills wandering my frail, fragile spine so her mother!Continue reading “DISGRUNTLED DREAM”

When Life’s Out Of Rhythm

I woke this morning enveloped in fear my mind unsettled the reasons unclear My rooms were familiar pictures on the walls a tapping noise at my window as the rain falls   I put on my robe but it seems to tug slid into my slippers that are no longer snug pasting my bathroom IContinue reading “When Life’s Out Of Rhythm”

Side Stepping Stupid Listen up people Sandymancan is on the job once again now you know when other people decide for whatever reason that you are in need of a double dose of stupid this day. Now they have simply discounted the regular dose of stupid that you have to put up with each day already inContinue reading “Side Stepping Stupid”

The Levity In Life Welcome again to all my new friends from the Sandymancan your poet with a plan, when the shit hits the fan. I bring to you a service and it’s new when hard times come to you, when those pesky phone calls make blue, Sandman’s answering service will comfort you. This one is for women andContinue reading “The Levity In Life”