Can’t Win If You Give In

Sandyman Quote: “Never once will you succeed until you produce a routine to proceed, when so quick to give in before you really begin how in the hell are you supposed to win”

Failure To Plan No Direction At Hand

How will you get to where you want to go when you never made a plan to make it so. Going to a store to buy what you don’t need no problem making plans before you proceed. That Unmotivated dream that’s in your head when lacking an action plan its already dead. Goals unplanned in a bubble,Continue reading “Failure To Plan No Direction At Hand”

Self Expectation Manifest Inner Gratification

With fabricated fables falling on deaf ears the curse of non-expression leads to flowing tears. Bombarding blows of dreams lacking your projections your consultation with cloaked diversions precede rejection. Cadence’s call in clamor’s lag chirp and clang in your chinwag flabbergasted that your life sags now a negative whining nag. Eloquence’s embellishments when exaggeration is notContinue reading “Self Expectation Manifest Inner Gratification”

The Worlds Indifference To Change Man Remains The Same

  Ha Long Bay, Vietnam   Will the world not hear the naked cries the crime of wicket lies just to gain. These weary stains cast upon the winds of change the battle is the same who must we blame. Denote and then deny fruitless hearts testing the Mettle of mortal men The bitter grievanceContinue reading “The Worlds Indifference To Change Man Remains The Same”

Live Bold Or Die Cold

You must choose the voice that’s in your head who else will decipher the things that are read? That dream not cultivated because it wasn’t fed the pain not said your regret on the deathbed. These hoots and howls the heckles of hucksters we hem and haw before dealing with a disruptor Mew the moansContinue reading “Live Bold Or Die Cold”

I Can Before You Do, I Will Before I’m Through

“When life is abrasively abrupt happiness can be evasively corrupt a change of self precedes the conversion while self-doubt conceives the diversions”   We’ve all have asked our self’s why? confounded with the grievances of life adversity when it strikes, shackled and bound left in the lost and found distress! and grounded down struck! dumbfound.Continue reading “I Can Before You Do, I Will Before I’m Through”