Loyalty Proverbial Value Of Royalty

  Can you hear the declaration, feel the call of dedication hail the homage within ritual proclamations, expectation. Awe its effects, the broken decree of obligation and regret noble as the coronation of royalty, regal thy vow of loyalty. Neither privilege or progeny can avoid its potential calamity the hushed tones mnemonic moans, deceits supremeContinue reading “Loyalty Proverbial Value Of Royalty”

A Chin Checked Or Hind Pecked

  Okay, we are in the second month of 2019 no! I do not tease those resolutions in your mind now hanging below the knees UN-like the toddler so proud to be  wearing that first pull up how you are working on those resolutions has just run amok. Now is the time to late toContinue reading “A Chin Checked Or Hind Pecked”

Sandyman’s Take On Life Beware That Negativity Has A Price

Sandyman Quote:  “Hear not the fears that will get in your way, repeat not what hurtful people are too eager to say, create a giving life that fulfills each day, then enjoy! your spiritual blessings however how you pray, that’s! Sandymans way.”

The Strength Is Mine Through The Sands Of Time

  My strength comes from the heart and my mind the body will succumb to the ravages that are the sands of time. We are one, just below the fears lay our tears still we will deny! such is the hold of an internal lie. No! Ask not of me of what’s Within you thatContinue reading “The Strength Is Mine Through The Sands Of Time”