Are We Better Off Today Then Yesterday Who’s To Say

Who can say if we are better off today then yesterday butt cheeks in a twist you’ll bleed! over a Twitter tweet. Self-esteem comes from likes if denied its pride that died your video must go viral at all cost, even if a life is lost. Debt! can’t breath won’t make it home need aContinue reading “Are We Better Off Today Then Yesterday Who’s To Say”

A Chin Checked Or Hind Pecked

  Okay, we are in the second month of 2019 no! I do not tease those resolutions in your mind now hanging below the knees UN-like the toddler so proud to be  wearing that first pull up how you are working on those resolutions has just run amok. Now is the time to late toContinue reading “A Chin Checked Or Hind Pecked”

Energy Waste Left A Bitter Taste

  “Ill-tempered you glib diminutive devious arrogant pig” or something to that effect was the comment that was left by a woman to a post from a man his response was equally nonproductive.    Well’ll leave them unnamed for the naming of the poster or commentator is not the point or my purpose, The subjectContinue reading “Energy Waste Left A Bitter Taste”

What you lack I Offer, Turn Your Back Before You Falter

Those hollowing calls, in the Truth all else will be resolved raging the realm of reasonable substitutions, its retribution. Pride prompting principles preposterous when not contemptible  drowning in unethical repute scornful the foolishness we salute   Recklessness is in fashion, it’s nefarious so how did this happen oppressed opinions if obedient now hostile it’s justContinue reading “What you lack I Offer, Turn Your Back Before You Falter”