The Seeds Of Contempt

Are you willing! oh callously cunning seeking to beseech this weary heart of mine. What I see, the wrath in your mockery brazenly bitter mask hiding reality, hypocrisy! That egotistical aristocratic demeanor lacking humanity losing ability, to be a dreamer. Blatantly boastful extracting tears from my eyes cruelly corrupt ensures you’ll be along when youContinue reading “The Seeds Of Contempt”

Fiduciary Talks Frugality Walks

This aspiration of mankind predispose to accumulation are actions are not benign. Living life as a balance sheet adjustable assets debt amortization complete frustration. We risk churning ramifications annual audits, economic appreciation seeking compensation Our principals going through devaluation embezzling our environment for capital gains consolidations A promissory note against our future this leveraged buyoutContinue reading “Fiduciary Talks Frugality Walks”

Stand Or Fall Winners Take All

The pain of hardship defines the sprite within your will while the bald eagles sore over majesty mountains still. Shattered dreams those heaping piles of rotten leaves your needs, doubts fallow deeds those wicked thieves. Then pay your dues not understanding when you lose sheep laying down for slaughter, heat in lies get hotter. Fear’sContinue reading “Stand Or Fall Winners Take All”

Success! First The Mental Test

When looking for the purpose of life your past actions are just apart of the price. Pulling rip tides currents of yesterday those glooming shadows looming your way. Yes! fearing what you might not become the cascading reasons your negligence won. Originally outspoken now don’t have a notion oppressively depressed dejectedly distressed.