The Devil Is In The Details

I going to ask you this question? I’ll be tact please hold your aggression, can you ever get pass your narrow point of view, or is that offending to you. Sometimes I fail to understand the intentions of my fellow-man, with death and destruction in that news flash! why do some always ask, what’s theirContinue reading “The Devil Is In The Details”

Those UN-Soulful Will Be Remorseful

I shall go forth unresponsive to care, yet mindful of the dim lights within the cesspool of despair, for fools who lay among us in silent descent, castration is the celebration of the willful now spent.   The hopeless Heedless! before degradation manipulative! are their motives let’s try segregation, yes! it’s fear of the wearyContinue reading “Those UN-Soulful Will Be Remorseful”

The Sham In Who I Am

Where within lies this articulate arrogance, brazenly antagonistic said the evidence, then amusingly boorish yet barren but brilliant, creatively clairvoyant with the bullshit. This curious current of impulsiveness, is oppressively electrifying in its explosiveness, so said that sad song of the fool when his money is gone, oh! but then I could be wrong. AContinue reading “The Sham In Who I Am”

The Rising Insanity In Humanity

With a desperate need for selfie likes, some will bleed death! takes its bite to the disagreement at work, semiautomatic gunfire brings a terrorist alert.   There’s frustration on the highways and byways when the finger goes up! temperatures erupt! an action corrupts! blood on the asphalt is the result . The pains and strainsContinue reading “The Rising Insanity In Humanity”

The Evolution In Your Reckless Resolutions

In those decisive decision their’s distracting divisions, endless revisions that anxiety in your analysis is realistic! it’s enthusiastically antagonistic. You attempt to achieve a practical evaluation with Un-amused hesitations now accommodating then accepting, you even manipulate the situations. This reckless form of resolution is scornfully unresponsive to any solution those miserable result you’ll disclaim yes!Continue reading “The Evolution In Your Reckless Resolutions”

Patriotism’s Symbolism

These ardent attitudes of expectations, this explosion in the anthem that we show appreciation. Oh burning boisterous banner of declaration, allegiance! will be front and centered in your presentation.   Equalities devotion! other Americans have different emotions, to the back of the bus! all were not apart of the constitutional trust. the blessing of LoyaltyContinue reading “Patriotism’s Symbolism”