Failure Is A Cost Not A Lost

Actions are the dues for getting into that gamethose endless planning’s are simply not the sameThe starting line is the beginning with each stepyou’re closer to the winning, soon! the ninth inning Play with what you have kick and stomp down thepath, see nothing in your way, it’s the only way to playLet gratitude andContinue reading “Failure Is A Cost Not A Lost”

We Must, In God We Trust

Dose nativity nature the needy,do UN-trustfulness accurately describe the greedy.Will the gusty gifted being glib plead guilty,long before the generous give until they are empty. Can the heedless hard-hearted become heroicor am I a simple fool suffering from fits of euphoric.I have been told that I am my brother’s keeper,or will I be labeled theContinue reading “We Must, In God We Trust”

Happiness! Facts In The Fiction

This thing we call happiness we all seem to seek yet some never find for you is it an object! objective or state of mind. This blissfulness provoking such excitement consuming much our time it’s dynamic! how some panic with irrational antics. I seek only to understand such motivations, expectation! this jubilation it reeks suchContinue reading “Happiness! Facts In The Fiction”

Who Needs A Tree!

I was just a seed now watch me grow yes! I to will bleed the sap will show While we all feed the arborist knows building my diameter the winds will blow The steps to success it’s survival system these regional diseases I must resist them With organic preparation this is a solution what’s impactingContinue reading “Who Needs A Tree!”

Hear The Call Of The Water Fall

Audacious is this white water froth the flowing force in this frigid stream. Oh sweet cool shrouds of clinging mist It’s where the rainbows go to be seen. As the insects bit in surging sunlight harmony sings on indifferent to the wrong. The meadow’s many shades of green lush grasses shrubs! in a grazer’s dream.Continue reading “Hear The Call Of The Water Fall”

Down Syndrome, Your Not Along

I sit in the darkness looking through my window of pain wet cold night the winds swirling rain, intensify my strain   Doctor’s descriptive babble of genetic congenital squabble Mother’s un-productive zone, my child has Down Syndrome   Counseling then coaching connections, hidden confessions what are the resources of regret, who decides human defect  Continue reading “Down Syndrome, Your Not Along”