The Holocaust of man

The evil in this story one mad man’s reach for glory, with nationalism’s enthusiastic furor the Nazis would make the whole planet shiver. The seeds were sown during Versailles Treaty, another war started by the wicked and greedy. Like vile vultures regurgitating rotten meat, that war spat out a murderer now feasting on the weak.

Desire! then despair and now desperation was spreading across this particular nation, with propaganda being release on cue! a whole nation with a twisted view. In this sinister glow his hate would flow one little man with a blue print of a plan, in Mein Kampf! the world didn’t understand. Democracy! was his irritation devastation! he’s making perpetrations, the brown-shirt’s brutality held a clue, the S.S Gestapo would see him through.

Adolf Hitler was his name world wide appeasement left it’s stain, Europe now in burning flames. In devious actions one would be insane even the devil had to be shamed, his sadistic network of the choose few, some of America’s elite would played with him too. The fog of war! would consume the land death! for the Jews in his master plan.

Julius Caesar not a again no! Adolf Hitler looked for friends, An Axis pack to rule the world man’s future now imperil. The factories were humming at full steam some American companies were helping his dream. The materials of war are now at hand time to strike! a world to win.

Building a network for the swift executions death! to the Jew his final solution, while plunging that dagger into Poland’s heart let Warsaw burn right from the start. Collect the Jew put them in ghettos, now pick their pockets my Aryan fellows.

France was next in Hitler’s plans the United States was still sitting on it’s hands, just one month and 15 days before the French man just gave way. A tour of Paris! France on her knees but here’s an unoccupied zone if you say please, was it fishy it was slimy and squashy no! it was Vichy.

Then you said you never knew the French men rounded up the French Jew, delivered into Hitler’s hands condemned! in the gas chamber courtesy of the French man. But the French story doesn’t end, this ferocious lion some French men, would rise once again to clear the pestilence from their land.

The United States was still on phone still lynching the black man back at home, trucks off Ford’s factory lines, one for the GI one for the Rhine. Soldiers kill then they die business men count their profits and don’t ask why. The British Empire is left to stand yet President Roosevelt does lend a hand, still theirs another conflicted view, the British Empire’s atrocities equaled Hitler’s too, murder! in India we never knew.

Now comes that rising sun that day of infamy in forty one, the United States would not play so Pearl Harbor was swept away. Oh sleeping giant felt the sting, Japan un aware of the hell this would bring. The Americans screamed their cry battle cry, the whole world now burns how many will die. The Axis powers are holding hands, the Allied powers take a defiant stand, all of humanity is poised to end.

Atomic Mushrooms crowd the shy, man has found a new way for man to die, one could ponder at wars end what did man really win, when man’s sins comes from within.



Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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