Crimes Evolution Hell! Raised By It’s Institutions

The red and blue blinking lights on a wet cold indecent night
the end to a high-speed chase, bloodstained asphalt disgrace.
Stay behind that yellow tape, a community tries to understand
while looking at the chalk outline where victim or assailant lands.

A mother trapped! explosive illusions, indeterminate is her collusion,
allegations frantic state, forensics now waits! because her water breaks.
The doctors making notations, this child’s birth with its complications
before arraignment on a criminal complaint, addiction seal a baby’s fate

An accomplice your alias! prior aggravated assault, do you want to talk
the DA is not your friend, he’ll stick you with an arson if it helps him win.
Your slimy lawyers only function rich! on the justice system’s corruption
law-abiding? never in the plan born in mayhem, murder! is how this ends.



Published by Sandymancan

I'm a father, friend, and a family man, I believe in right and wrong, I understand the value of standing on your own. I have an iron will with a poet's heart, a belief in God is where it starts.

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