This State Of Being

It is crucial that the crude be culpable then amazing how the rude go unnoticeable. Because the heedless are not hopeful, the heartless are hostile! woeful when lustful. The gravity of this state of being its contemptible the rationale for such indifference is so despicable. The powerful forces of the unprincipled are oppressive their aggressiveContinue reading “This State Of Being”

Where Do You Fit In

Those miserably prideful and pretentious are redundant notoriously the obedient are observant yet still repugnant. Imprudent wants cast a shadow on those who are indecent the resilience of the resourceful can prove to be inconvenient. The jovial jubilant can be juvenile when their not exuberant while the negative are neglected then notoriously negligent. the meddlingContinue reading “Where Do You Fit In”

The Silent Minority

Those rancorous calls within the social media’s craze reckless lies in toxic tactics, the treacherous are unfazed. Unethical taint rules the realities of the wealthy ruthless preposterous claims of our laws in reality their toothless. Magical the morals of the malicious are not superstitious ye’ masses should be suspicious the silence is conspicuous. we stumbleContinue reading “The Silent Minority”

Christmas Joy Add Death! And More

Let Christmas sing! the north star of David shining it’s light on a malicious scene, the cast iron hearts of men, a beacon for the devil’s hatred that’s now leaching in. As the world watch the horror of black immigrants in Libya cream oh Silent Night. the callous hearts of men bucking the head windsContinue reading “Christmas Joy Add Death! And More”

Indomitable will With Abominable Ills

Fear! neglected heart, conflicted impulsiveness chastising an indomitable will, The currents of crude curiosity are cynical! but culpable in what is crucial to reality. Helpless! tangled in this web of deceit, restless! buoyancy in morality can’t compete Gazing your nakedness bound! by the chains of my will, accepting my fate is sealed

The Red White And Blue Is Me And You

Who hears the calls of flawed recriminations, what an eloquent declaration! people in need of equal representation. The offensive dogma in a manipulative indoctrination, fundamental fraud in adverse affiliations, convene greed’s collaborations.   Unprecedented victimization, oh patriotism’s strangulation the misinformation in propagandists debates, who decipher the hate. The platform of the pragmatist! hell I gagedContinue reading “The Red White And Blue Is Me And You”

The Pirate In Man

Heave-ho as the high winds blow, then bless it to be as the community flees for thou will be damned by the bloodthirstiness in man. Oh glorious ferocious beast ill-gotten feast, this mayhem on the mainland, better death by thy own hand. Now lashed by this lawlessness in the legacy of ruthless riches, while theContinue reading “The Pirate In Man”

Fictions Face, An Intimate Taste

Would I be the figment in the folklore, oh fiery foolish fabricated fairy tale for feeble fascinations. The creative charisma in crisis cruelties, forces favors in the forgery of fiction, curse apprehension. Bizarre fallacy brews in mythical heroics, dreaded demon deeds at hand, some just call me bogeyman. Embrace allusion, even give it to theContinue reading “Fictions Face, An Intimate Taste”

The Death Of A Dove

Enduring this clear crucial moment in time, oh crude intolerance you’ll find, this obedient impulsiveness that is mine. Looking into a hostile heart of imprudence, within villainous shadows of ignorance, yes genuinely gifted, vile and then vindictive. Now looking upon the gentleness of her face, while still trying to hide my disgrace, the loathsomeness insideContinue reading “The Death Of A Dove”