Sheep In The Fold Blood Runs Cold

Welcome To the condemned hearts of sin, the payment will begin oh the shades and shadows before the darkness follow the cries for thy tender mercies now petrified and hollow Imprudent hearts disdainful from within die with their sins if in doubt you must account your terror will have no end “Believe or not in sinContinue reading “Sheep In The Fold Blood Runs Cold”

The Tides Of Love

I fear not the needs of a weary heart driven into the confines of internal confession, Nor will I concede to the articles of conformity by making undue concessions. I see! the demands put forth by such rich and giving blue eyes eager to strip me of all free will. Yet no words from the silent lipsContinue reading “The Tides Of Love”

On the Death of Someone You Don’t Respect — Discover

What’s the proper reaction to the passing of a public figure you vehemently opposed? randall smoot reflects on the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. via On the Death of Someone You Don’t Respect — Discover Reading through discover I came across this, thought for a moment I couldn’t resist, we are different people withContinue reading “On the Death of Someone You Don’t Respect — Discover”

The Dead Never Spoke Death Can’t Be Revoked

On a day when the heart steals the thoughts from the mind anguishes brutality is not complying to the passing of time I moved among these relics yielding death with destruction deadly daggers making cadavers from inventive construction  Standing before this soldier the body was broken from the disorder for me, no flag really cameContinue reading “The Dead Never Spoke Death Can’t Be Revoked”