Oh ye dark clouds of Tempest Spirit the meager means in thy indifference. What subtle nuances in thoughts and deeds shall bring death! to our deep blue seas. Rosebuds! the broken hearts of angry bees the death of the sparrows! our world is in peril. Did spring advance the prism in my mind? distorting theContinue reading “Misdirected”

Who Needs A Tree!

I was just a seed now watch me grow yes! I to will bleed the sap will show While we all feed the arborist knows building my diameter the winds will blow The steps to success it’s survival system these regional diseases I must resist them With organic preparation this is a solution what’s impactingContinue reading “Who Needs A Tree!”

Hear The Call Of The Water Fall

Audacious is this white water froth the flowing force in this frigid stream. Oh sweet cool shrouds of clinging mist It’s where the rainbows go to be seen. As the insects bit in surging sunlight harmony sings on indifferent to the wrong. The meadow’s many shades of green lush grasses shrubs! in a grazer’s dream.Continue reading “Hear The Call Of The Water Fall”

Water is life

Condensing droplets in atmospheric water vapors thy gentle mist of moisture, now meeting changing temperatures that tortures.   That Creates the cloud’s upward vertical motion precipitation causing a commotion, now the feeding of those greedy oceans.   Audacious rain drops building running springs feeding the land making all life team, the lakes collect those wonderingContinue reading “Water is life”

Where Eagles Fly

We must speak today at this moment then oppose those who would become an opponent, the propaganda publicizes the particulars, it’s resolute, absolute! it’s perpendicular. Surviving the shrills in the shootings the toxins are tracking this predator not evolution, must this symbol be threaten! the impact of pesticides on our wetlands. Feeling those up liftingContinue reading “Where Eagles Fly”