Asian Charms With Visual That Go Beyond

I went on quest my search was for something that was within, but I decided in Thailand is where this search would begin. I decided to leave my western attitudes at the boarding gate and with an open mind i would welcome my fate. I saw things that I’ve never seem before, I’ve tasted thingContinue reading “Asian Charms With Visual That Go Beyond”

International Union World Wide Village Communion

The last six month was on the run, South east Asia it had begun unsure of what I’m looking for, packed bags and out the door. Thailand the land of smiles, I’ve had no enter peace for a while the sights, sounds add smells to taste! it’s changed just for sake. One day I metContinue reading “International Union World Wide Village Communion”

2018 Is On The Way

Now hear what the Sandyman say, Santa has already gone away. Do you feel the year on its way, it’s time to prosper no time to play. Missed opportunities sings a sad song, wasted time crying what went wrong. Within you shines that light and desire, throw gasoline on it start the damn fire! NoContinue reading “2018 Is On The Way”

The Giving Of Thanks Because Of who I Am

I started this blog early this year and just like the unknown ripples in life itself I was side track two months into this blog. The next four following month I was distracted by personal events, things I couldn’t prevent. I met those challenges and gain a new appreciation for the gifts in life fromContinue reading “The Giving Of Thanks Because Of who I Am”