A New Friend Or Better We Defend

Sandymans Quote: “It’s hard making a new friend if ones not open to let them in, when overly guarded because people will pretend, we will build our gates from within then hunker down ready to defend.”

Greed Bleeds Love Feeds

I have met people from far and wide some have opened their hearts and let me inside. We have come together as a world community so when will it be time for international unity? Yes! the competing Corporations direct our course then they own the media which give us our voice. When putting the corruptContinue reading “Greed Bleeds Love Feeds”

Asian Charms With Visual That Go Beyond

I went on quest my search was for something that was within, but I decided in Thailand is where this search would begin. I decided to leave my western attitudes at the boarding gate and with an open mind i would welcome my fate. I saw things that I’ve never seem before, I’ve tasted thingContinue reading “Asian Charms With Visual That Go Beyond”

The Giving Of Thanks Because Of who I Am

I started this blog early this year and just like the unknown ripples in life itself I was side track two months into this blog. The next four following month I was distracted by personal events, things I couldn’t prevent. I met those challenges and gain a new appreciation for the gifts in life fromContinue reading “The Giving Of Thanks Because Of who I Am”