The boldness in this story, I’m at peace a glory told by some so say the priest. It’s origins you’ll behold before it unfolds it’s French 16th century or Latin I’m told. Christians through out the land praise thy father this holly man. These celebrations we will enter the lord our Christ is at it’sContinue reading “THE LITURGY”


I felt the quivering in your essence swept along in frantic breezes. Then what of your feverish touch once more how it pleases.   Deviousness in your glare deliciously how it teases. Thy desperate need of your scent oh how relentlessly it seizes.   Combustible! You ignited my passions no longer can you escape thisContinue reading “SILENT WHISPERS OF YOU”

Down Syndrome, Your Not Along

I sit in the darkness looking through my window of pain wet cold night the winds swirling rain, intensify my strain   Doctor’s descriptive babble of genetic congenital squabble Mother’s un-productive zone, my child has Down Syndrome   Counseling then coaching connections, hidden confessions what are the resources of regret, who decides human defect  Continue reading “Down Syndrome, Your Not Along”


There’s this fragile conscious state of the mind numbness then confusion soon follows in time thy caressing hand upon your soft warm flesh Those challenging memories I’m hopeful at best   I woke this morning from this stumbling dream In rushing to my window so what does it mean? With straining eyes that were lookingContinue reading “CAN THE FLAMES BE TAMED”

Enduring Passions

You comb over your life in your mind’s eye, you can feel the ebb and flow of your emotions, those vivid way point of recollections strung out on life’s memory line through time. Then you conjure up an alternating directions, those wonderings of this new alternated directive. Life’s simple score cards it’s a strange game,Continue reading “Enduring Passions”