The Fool I Was About The Cost Of Love

The gravity of a harden heart, this irrationality that pride would refuse a fresh start. The fierce focus in my lack of forgiveness, the imprudence of my denial would not improve this. This scornful selfishness deceived my anxious mind, I now taste the sourness in sadness a reward that’s all mine My need of thatContinue reading “The Fool I Was About The Cost Of Love”

That’s The Women That I Am

That’s the women that I am, do you really understand   There is an abundance of style and grace, the dynamics in the curves of my face, for those with an open mind, can you see the brilliant buoyancy that is mine. Feel the warmth that is my smile, ill-tempered impatience is not apart ofContinue reading “That’s The Women That I Am”


I just had a thought but it just slipped through my mind The passions! cries lies! the endlessness of pasting time. Yesterdays waste in hast, it’s desperation keeping pace No! you can’t silence the fears, so hide the stains of tears. Chastising of unfulfilled needs those combustible pleads Oh that amazing brilliance in the eyesContinue reading “A MOTHERS TEARS GOES WITH THOSE FEARS”


Hearing your whisper in the meadows of spring No longer broken heart among still vivid dreams Cast out the light from wretchedness of my past Instilled reflective visions why shall they not last Reaching the bottomless cesspools of wanton folly Manipulative! the mistrustful still fools will volley Forsaken ye jealousies the intolerant are jubilant! RevelingContinue reading “UNBURDEN BY YOUR SMILE”


Stumbling along this path of cobble stone the days of our past but now there gone Never thought my source of delight, would cause such nightmares my pain at night This heart had sung among the daffodils, the daisy, those dahlia’s, my wife my thrill. You were my nectar! hummingbirds are also collectors, Your shiningContinue reading “A DAY WITH MY WIFE”


Was she not flushed in her silky skin tones man’s longing heart could do her no wrong. Weary was thy glances she’s casting this haze her warm glaze ensuring my simmering daze. Echo’s of sounds the lost chambers in sea shell the scorpion’s bite! it’s the same pain as it swells. Petals of light shimmeringContinue reading “CONQUERING THY SPRIT”


This fiery orange glow descending upon her in the mist of the destruction of her village, I the victor of the vanquished stood above the feeble and the broken with a sinister laughter! now installed as lord and master. Inspecting my spoils I circled her like the eagle would the rabbit, her eyes followed me inContinue reading “THE PREDATOR AND THE PREY”


The boldness in this story, I’m at peace a glory told by some so say the priest. It’s origins you’ll behold before it unfolds it’s French 16th century or Latin I’m told. Christians through out the land praise thy father this holly man. These celebrations we will enter the lord our Christ is at it’sContinue reading “THE LITURGY”