Long is that road that sits out before us Unfulfilled dreams this lost is not a must Promises conveyed now lacking convictions Returns un paid those deceitful redemptions Blindness in light our children’s perspective Controlling their life’s was that our objective Land of weakness their future is distorted Degrading the babies they must be abortedContinue reading “POP CULTURE”

Justice Is Rude Sometimes Crud

28 years as a prison cop I’ve seen this more than not far too many young men abused to no end, just one more chapter in a life of sin. I bring this story to you and I’m telling you it is all true, but there was nothing I could do prison has a lifeContinue reading “Justice Is Rude Sometimes Crud”

The Rich And Poor The Past And Present

Thou be cast out upon these tainted waters, vile deeds entangling souls before the altar. Spitefully you will reap thy dreaded judgment, your acts of indolence from feudal indulgence. Then how such wretched men shall they dwell thy wicked hearts lingering in the depths of hell. Because of unbroken bread among the brethren our warringContinue reading “The Rich And Poor The Past And Present”


Those whispering echo’s swept along by cold frantic breezes the wickedness of hearts when a tormented cry can please us. The doubts! thy thoughts sink within dark waters of contempt the twisted faces in the crowd hiding the pain with a pretense. Once I saw the sun kissing the flow in the glow of theContinue reading “THE DISENCHANTED”


Fierce! dense clouds muffling a un stable mind I see rejected reflections I see distortion of time Silent foot steps endangered species at sea oh burning darkness beseeching in me, hear! my cry Remembering youthful hearts in romantic scenes imprudent thoughts at the center of wicked themes In casting down your meddling, manipulative pride IContinue reading “CRY”


My darkest day dreadful those rays of sunlight I stumble despair! defeated by evil it’s not right Oh burning pride eats at this exhausted heart the wickedness of death! before life could start Why must I read those tears in my wife’s eyes then mixing wisdom with doubt while she cries Her desperate thoughts inContinue reading “EMPTY WOMB”