It was a cool night the pavement was still wet from an earlier rain, the moon was high in the sky now shining bright! that indescribable light. The streets were empty! lined with bars, restaurants and coffee houses, life as it happens inside there was bustling action and then it happen. That unmistakable clacks ofContinue reading “Stranger!”

God’s Will

It be a bitter thought tangled among twisted weeds, the mocking of spiritual wants confessions are not of our needs. Objective these dismissive hearts ceremoniously they will bleed. The ending of paranoid haunts profound are their repugnant deeds, vibrant are these insightful visions, enlighten ecclesiastic kind of reasons. Churning oh white water seas now baptizingContinue reading “God’s Will”


Secrets! how do we define it’s anatomy! the shrouding of actions illicitly, usually clandestinely! can there be excessive revelations from those who can’t fight their own inclinations having no hesitation rejecting confidentialities preservation. Could that be the statement of a thesis, secret actions can be capricious! influencing all the planet’s species. Zoology at it’s best!Continue reading “Secrets!”

The Disillusioned

Who’s thoughts are locked in fanatic howls! tucked into the folds, cry not! echoes across this waste land now time stains thy soul. The drums beat within cowardly hearts forced upon the meek, fear of unwanted death! renders it’s purpose when complete. Feel weakness as it feeds, the warm trickling blood we bleed, the depth!Continue reading “The Disillusioned”

Temperatures Rise

Long before man this planet throbbed with the echoes of life Their were massive sheet of ice this wondering glacial paradise   Altitude determines the air-pressure a barometer’s instrumental measure the rush of the flowing freezing rain welcome to this frozen barren land   Ocean’s currents in the jet streams actively tempering the climate extremesContinue reading “Temperatures Rise”