Wall Street vs. Main Street

Hey people, son of gun once again the bull is on the run, get ready for another all time high damn! just yesterday another homeless had to die. Still the Nasdaq refuse to quit, still the jobless numbers are a steaming pile of shit. The S&P 500 is still knocking them dead, make that rightContinue reading “Wall Street vs. Main Street”

Happy New Year? Will See

As this new year has begone influences had told us who weshould become, the women has been placed on that peddlein a state of grace, The male masculinity has been injectedwith femininity by the mass media as a reasonable remedy. Across the social media platform now we see man and womencausing such social harm, forContinue reading “Happy New Year? Will See”

The Old Mighty Dollar

7.00 am for the working stiff again chasing that old mighty dollar it never endsWelcome to your nightmare shall we begin. That burning sting your dying dreamsthat losing theme. that insatiable yearn for the almighty dollar, poverty makesthem scream before they cuss after they holler. Theirs growing hatred for the powers that be, credit cardsContinue reading “The Old Mighty Dollar”