The Poor Ask Why, Dow Jones’s All Time High

While the Dow Jones is soaring high in the shytoo many spent their last dollar just getting highThe Liberals will always pitch! we will tax the richyet the rich will pass it along in a bait and switch The babies cry before they die, the mothers ask whythe bankers shy! counting profits will say letContinue reading “The Poor Ask Why, Dow Jones’s All Time High”

Congress is set to pass new stimulus checks — here’s when to expect yours You must wonder what is the plan, the trillions we spentto kill are fellow man, one war or another for the last 15years, a stimulus tip for the people’s tears for the coming year. The homeless piled high on city blocks, Congress attentionis on the Christmas clock, their headed home passing thehomeless while inContinue reading “Congress is set to pass new stimulus checks — here’s when to expect yours”

The Old Mighty Dollar

7.00 am for the working stiff again chasing that old mighty dollar it never endsWelcome to your nightmare shall we begin. That burning sting your dying dreamsthat losing theme. that insatiable yearn for the almighty dollar, poverty makesthem scream before they cuss after they holler. Theirs growing hatred for the powers that be, credit cardsContinue reading “The Old Mighty Dollar”